5 Ways to Say I Love You with Gifts This Valentine

There are several ways to say I love you to the people we care about. The best ones are usually those that are expressed both in words and in deeds, add a token of love and it’s going to be simply perfect. This coming Valentine, you can do all three by sending gifts that will make your loved ones feel truly special. Simply say I love you with roses that are specially picked for this occasion and you’ll surely make someone happy. Here are some ideas on how to say I love you in 5 different ways.

A Bouquet of Roses. A bunch of roses to express your love is one of the timeless Valentine’s traditions around. Although there are floral gifts other than roses, the appeal of red roses as a symbol of love and romance never fades. If you want to say I love you with roses then do it with style. Look for elegantly arranged floral gifts like the Fall For You Bouquet from FlowerStore.ph. It’s got 18 gorgeous red roses held together by an elegant white wrapper, simple yet stylish.


Flowers and Chocolates. If you are out to impress then go for the whole caboodle, say I love you with roses, chocolates, and a card. You can have all three covered with the Loving You Was Red Bundle. It’s got red eternal flowers elegantly arranged in a red heart box, 24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates,  and a greeting card to express your feelings.

Classic Trio. 143, ILY, and <3U are commonly used to say I love you in cyberspace. In the real world, one classic way to say I love you is by giving your special someone 3 red roses. A classic trio of red blooms is a subtle way to say I love you from the heart. The 3 Words floral gift can help you send the message across with 3 roses that are carefully arranged and encased in a stylish cylindrical box.

Rose to Cherish. Things that we cherish are often given a special place or a special box where they are kept safe. For that special love, you can say I love you and cherish you with a Rose Crystal Box. This single red rose in full bloom can symbolize love and romance that is carefully held and cherished by the one giving it.

Rose and Jewelry. Aside from roses, jewelries are also tokens for expressing love. Put them together and you’ve got an impressive Valentine’s gift. This is what you can get from the Rose Jewelry Box which is basically a red rose and a Princess Crystal Pendant Necklace encased in a jewelry box. The preserved rose is placed on top with a clear case to cover it while the necklace is inside the drawer.

There are lots of  ways to say I love you with gifts (replaced roses) especially if you want to be creative about it. But if you want to be practical about it then I suggest you head to the online gift store, FlowerStore.ph. All you have to do is choose the perfect gift from a wide variety of floral selections and gift items. Another thing that you can take advantage of the Free Shipping Nationwide and Cash Payment options available at their site.

Not just that, they also have an on-going Sale for Valentine’s where you can get nice discounts. There’s also a Giveaway promo with really attractive prizes from major brands in the country. So I guess by saying I love you with gifts from FlowerStore.ph, you can also feel loved with the discounts and prizes that you could win. SALE is only until Feb 14 so don’t miss it. Don’t forget to use my voucher “KALEENAV15” for 15% off (capped at P150.00) valid from Feb. 7 to Feb. 28, 2022.


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