Show Some Love for Your Furbabies this Valentine’s Day

It’s happy hearts day on Feb 14. Not just for us homo sapiens but for our paw pals and fur babies too. After all our furry pals are also able to give and receive love. Take it from someone who has experienced both joy and heartache in having lovable dogs around the house. This Valentine’s Day we are getting a bundle of treats from Pedigree to make their furry hearts and furry tummies very happy.

Our pups and dogs have been on a Pedigree diet ever since we got them. This is because we want our pets to have proper nutrition to help them grow healthy. Aside from being one of the most affordable brands, Pedigree is also scientifically formulated to provide proper nourishment depending on the size or breed and age of your dog. This Valentine’s Day a new Pedigree Puppy Kit will be launched at Shopee and its going to be a date for us and our furry loves ones. Here’s a preview of what’s in store for small breeds’ Puppy Kit.

PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Puppy Chicken Liver and Egg With Vegetable 80 g 6 Pouch:

This is a Valentine’s meal that your pups will love, I know our pups will. Aside from liking its flavor your pups also gets to enjoy some health benefits. This dish helps maintain bone health and strength in your pups.  It also builds proper digestion and provides nutrition needed for dogs.


Get it here:

PEDIGREE Dentastix Dog Treats Puppy 56g:

Everyone needs a treat from time to time and for our furbabies that is something to chew on. His Valentine’s Day were giving them something that they’ll enjoy chewing  and get some health benefits while they’re at it. These Dog Treats from Pedigree is scientifically proven to reduce the build-up of tartar by up to 80% and supports gum health for dogs.

 Pedigree Dog Food Puppy Mini Milk 1.3Kg:

Show your pups some love by caring for their health. Milk has essential nutrients that your pups need so make sure that they get their daily fill. The Pedigree Puppy Mini Milk contains DHA for brain development, Fiber for healthy digestion, and Calcium for growth development.

Let your furbabies get their Valentine’s date too. Set them up for a fancy meal with their favorite Pedigree products or treats. This is certainly a good way to show your furbabies some love. In any case you should set up a date at Pedigree’s Brand Spotlight on Shopee this coming Feb 14. It’s  a date with great deals and promos for your furbabies and paw pals.

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