Great Deals for Homemakers on Gaabor Mega March Sale at Shopee

Cooking and cleaning are constant tasks for homemakers. Although not everyone is able to get expertise in these tasks our standards for these tasks are often raised as years go by. That would also mean raising our standards with the equipment we use for cleaning and cooking. But don’t worry because appliance upgrades need not break your budget especially when there are great deals around. I found a couple of good ones at the Gaabor Mega March Sale at Shopee and here are some of my finds.

Air Fryer. These days staying healthy is a primary goal for most families. This is why a lot of homemakers strive to provide healthy meals for the family. Aside from adding fresh fruits and veggies on the table I also make sure that we minimize consumption of unhealthy fats and oil. It’s a bit of a challenge since kids love to eat everything fried. But it won’t be a problem anymore if you’ve got an Air Fryer around. An Air Fryer allows you to cook crisp fried dishes without using any oil. It’s like grilling but you get crisp pan fried results instead. The benefit of this is that you don’t use much oil to get deep fried results. Thus lessening consumption of unhealthy fats. So ultimately you get less fat but the same goodness as fried dishes in your meals.

I found two nice options for a new Air Fryer at the Gaabor Mega March Sale. The first one is the  Gaabor 5L Touch Screen Air Fryer.
It helps you cook meals with 98% less oil than traditional air fryers which is really great. You can also  adjust temperature range from 80-200 C that can air fry dishes to crisp perfection. The touch screen digital control panel is also a plus for those who prefer user friendly kitchen appliances. It’s convenient to use and allows you to start cooking with just a press of a button.

Buy here: Gaabor 5L Touch Screen Air Fryer

Another good option is the Gaabor 5L Touch Control Air Fryer.
Aside from having a 5L large capacity, it also has a convenient and easy to use 7-preset cooking menu. I also like the Rapid Air technology feature that allows you to cook your favorite meals using little to no oil thereby reducing fat intake for up to 80%. It is also durable and easy to wash which makes it a low maintenance kitchen appliances. Something that homemakers look for in a kitchen appliance.

Buy here: Gaabor 5L Touch Control Air Fryer

Vacuum Cleaner. Getting the house spic and span can be a back breaking chore. But not if you’ve got the right tools for it. I’ve always appreciated vacuum cleaners because they make the task easy. If you want things to be a lot easier then go for lightweight vacuum models. Check out the Gaabor Dexterous Dual Use Vacuum cleaner
at Shopee. I like the lightweight build that allows me to clean without much effort. It also has has multiple filtration system that makes it efficient for dust removal. This system can remove clean air, absorb and filter fine dust, and lock it firmly in the dust box.  Another plus is the flexible and portable design which makes it easy to maneuver and manage while cleaning around the house.

Buy here: Gaabor Dexterous Dual Use Vacuum Cleaner 

For homemakers who are looking for great deals just head on to the Gaabor Mega March Sale at Shopee. It’s where you can get up to 67% off on all home appliances with some select items as low as P153. It’s definitely something worth checking out now. Don’t miss it.

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