Proudly Pinoy Beauty with Ever Bilena at Shopee

Ever Bilena or EB has been known for affordable cosmetics that are proudly Pinoy made. Over the years they’ve upped their standards and quality such that EB is now seen as a trendy and popular make-up brand that can compete with imported counterparts. Not just that they’ve also expanded their product line to cover all your beauty needs. This means that you can get your beauty routine essentials and must have make-up products from a local brand that you can depend on #TatakPinoy.

Proudly Pinoy Beauty Essentials for your daily routine. In general, a beauty routine would require a cleanser, toner, serums, and moisturizers. These are applied in sequence to help you achieve and maintain gorgeous-looking skin.  You can get everything you need for a proudly Pinoy beauty with Ever Bilena products like the EB Plus Collection. These are products that can help your skin stay healthy and young looking.

First on the list is the EB Plus Low-Ph Squalane Facial Cleanser. A cleanser in Serum form that  lifts dirt without the stripping. iIt has Squalene, Glycerin, and Allantoin that help keep skin soft, healthy and bouncy. (Buy cleanser here:

After cleansing you can tone your skin with EB Plus Glycolic Acid. It’s a micro exfoliating toner formulated with 3.5% Glycolic Acid that smoothens skin and helps retain moisture on the skin. (Buy EB Plus Glycolic Acid here:

Moisturize with EB Plus Micellar Water. Formulated with Hyaluronic acid and Adenosine, this beauty water boosts moisture and promotes collagen and cell growth thereby helping you keep your skin firm and smooth. (Buy here

For lips that need TLC try the EB Plus Lip Must Lip Mask. It is pumped with Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants to help keep lips soft, supple, and moisturize. (Buy here

Proudly Pinoy Beauty Essentials for your Make-up Needs.
Your set of make-up or make-up mix is unique to your own personality and preferences. Ever Bilena has a wide range of cosmetic products that you can use to hide blemishes and highlight your best features. Here are some of them.

EB All Day BB Cream. This popular make-up base from Ever Bilena provides flawless coverage that conceals blemishes and minor skin imperfections that sets to a natural, skin-like finish. This makes your skin look fairer, even-toned, and exude a  glow-from-within look. It also gives you protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

EB Lip & Cheek Stain. Give your lips and cheek a naturally rosy look that lasts. This long-wearing lip and cheek tint has a gel-like formula that dries up fast but delivers a lasting shade.

Soaring fuel prices, limited movement, and dwindling resources make it impractical for us to rely on imported products. This is actually a good opportunity for us to get to know and support our local brands for a win win situation for consumers, local businesses and economy. It’s a good thing that there are local brands and platforms providing us access to quality products that are proudly pinoy made. EB or Ever Bilena is one such brand. You can find Ever Bilena beauty products for as low as P39 at Shopee’s #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair. Try to catch it and get great deals on your Pinoy Beauty Essentials.

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