Curtains Up for Summer 2022 with Lysol Safer Home Bundles at Shopee

Summer 2022 is here! Is your home ready for it? Don’t worry because it doesn’t take a ton of work to get your home summer ready. More often than not it only involves changing your curtains, linen and small decors. These minor changes can have a huge impact in the comfort and safety of your home. The change in curtains alone can be enough to give your home a nice summer vibe while providing the necessary comforts that the weather requires. Here’s why.

Curtains Up for a fresh summer ambiance. Take down those heavy and dark curtains of winter and bring out the light, colorful, and airy ones that are perfect for summer. This simple curtain change  will give your rooms a breath of freshness fit for a cool summer vibe. Match your curtains with living room accents like throw pillows, rugs, or fresh flowers for a resort feel and your room can be summer perfect.

Curtains Up for summer ready light and temperature in your rooms. Curtains aren’t just decorative, they are functional as well. Dark and heavy curtains can help block light and sounds. It can also help block cold air during winter and heat from sun during summer. If your window is in the direct path of sunlight then a combination of heavy and light curtain can help you control light and temperature in the room.

Curtains Up for safe clean and healthy rooms. Changing your curtains once in a while should be part of your home hygiene. Just like everything else in the house curtains can harbor dirt, germs, and bacteria over time. As such changing curtains regularly also helps protect your family from illnesses. You can take your protection level a notch higher by using Lysol Spray Crisp Linen that kills 99% of germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Curtains come in different types of materials and prints, summer curtains are usually those that are made from light and airy fabrics like Chiffon and voile. You can easily find summer curtains online if you don’t have one yet. Also make sure that you’ve got your Lysol Disinfectant spray ready to keep your curtains germ free and smelling great everyday #LysolOClock. You can get it from as part of the newest Lysol Safer Home Bundles on Shopee so you can also protect the family from insects with Mortein Flying Insect Killer. If you’ve picked your curtains, matched your decors, and bought your sprays then your home is ready to have its curtains up for Summer 2022. 

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