5 Yummy Christmas Pasta Recipes for Noche Buena

During Christmas, Filipino families have different ways of enjoying Noche Buena. Some usually have their go-to dishes, including recipes passed down from moms and lolas.

Pasta dishes, like macaroni salad and sweet Filipino spaghetti are staples in Noche Buena spreads. While you have favorite recipes na nakasanayan, you can try something new to make your pasta dishes extra special for Christmas this year. To do this, ensure you have quality ingredients, like El Real Pasta, to whip up a delicious dish that your loved ones will enjoy.

The possibilities with pasta or “pastabilities” are endless, so here are some recipes you can do for your Christmas spread:

Creamy Bistek Tagalog Pasta

Incorporate the flavors of the Filipino-favorite ulam Bistek Tagalog to your pasta dish, but with a creamy twist. The beef will be marinated in soy sauce, calamansi, and garlic for 30 minutes before pan-frying and simmering it in marinade. Complete the savory sauce with all-purpose cream and let it simmer for a couple minutes or until thick. Mix in the al dente El Real Flat Spaghetti, and top it with onion rings, chopped spring onions, and parmesan cheese.

See the full Creamy Bistek Tagalog Pasta recipe here.

Sushi Bake

This popular merienda can also become a hit during Noche Buena. Recreate a sushi bake by switching up the rice with El Real Elbow Macaroni. Just mix the macaroni with homemade aburi sauce and top it off with shredded crab sticks, diced mangoes, and ebiko flakes. Bake it in an oven for 10 minutes, and voila, you have a pasta-fied sushi bake in time for Noche Buena.

See the full Sushi Bake recipe here.

Lechon Paksiw Pasta

Did you know that you can add lechon to your pasta dish? The Lechon Paksiw Pasta uses El Real Flat Spaghetti with shredded lechon meat, lechon sauce, all-purpose cream, and various vegetables for the sauce. This savory pasta dish may not be your usual recipe, but the tasty lechon paksiw flavor of the pasta will surely impress guests. It’s also a great way to use leftover lechon from previous gatherings and incorporate the ingredient into your Noche Buena meal.

See the full Lechon Paksiw Pasta recipe here.

Pasta Valenciana

Make your El Real Spaghetti fancy by turning it into Pasta Valenciana. This Spanish paella-inspired dish is made with tomato paste, onion, and garlic for the sauce, and chicken and carrots for the toppings. It requires you to place the pasta in the sauce while it’s simmering in a saucepan until the bottom is toasted. Assemble the Pasta Valenciana and serve for a hearty Noche Buena meal.

See the full Pasta Valenciana recipe here.

Nutty Rainbow Salad Delight

For dessert, you can make an elevated version of the classic macaroni salad using walnuts and cashews. After prepping and cooking the El Real Elbow Macaroni and fruit cocktail, mix them in a bowl with Kremdensada until they’re well incorporated. Top it off with cheese, walnuts, and cashews for added saltiness and crunchiness. This will be the perfect ending for your Noche Buena.

See the full Nutty Rainbow Salad Delight recipe here.

Make Christmas more special and memorable with El Real Pasta. Find more inspiration and discover more creative pasta recipes for your Noche Buena needs over at the Real Pastabilities website www.realpastabilities.com.

For more information, follow El Real’s Facebook page.

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