Top 6 Care Tips for Great Skin

With the sheer amount of skin care products available in the market, not to mention trends like the 10-step skincare routine, achieving a beautiful complexion can feel like a monumental task. However, if you stick to the basics, you’ll find that keeping your skin in good shape is much simpler.

Here are a few simple but effective tips that can help you achieve smooth, healthy, glowing skin:

Use Sunscreen

Ask any dermatologist and they would agree that the sun is one of the biggest enemies of human skin. When overexposed to harmful sunlight, your skin can turn dry, get thinner, and look dull. You’ll also increase your risk of getting dangerous diseases, like keratosis and skin cancer.

Fortunately, protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays is easy. All you have to do is to apply sunscreen daily whenever you have to go outdoors and make sure to reapply when you sweat it off or swim. The key is to find a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher; make sure it’s also broad spectrum, which means it provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Make sure to purchase your sunscreen from a reliable supplier, such as an online drugstore Philippines’s doctors and dermatologists trust. This way, you can be sure about the safety of the product that you’re applying to your skin.

Other ways you can protect your skin from the sun include avoiding going outdoors from 10 in the morning to around 4 in the afternoon. This is when the sun’s rays are typically the strongest. You can also wear long-sleeved shirts, hats, and other clothing that offer more skin coverage.

Try Double Cleansing

If you wear a lot of makeup, it’s ideal to double cleanse at the end of the day. To do this, you need to use an oil-based cleanser or make-up remover first and then follow up with a water-based product. By double-cleansing, you can be sure that there are no traces of makeup left on your skin. You can then apply your night moisturizer to lock in moisture.

Double cleansing is also ideal if you frequently get exposed to pollution and other contaminants that can harm your skin.

Be Gentle to Your Skin

Your skin is a tough organ; it has to be, in order to protect you from germs and various injuries. However, this doesn’t mean that you can be rough with it. In fact, your skin requires gentle care so that it remains as healthy as possible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Don’t use hot water when showering or bathing so you don’t strip natural oils from your skin. It’s also best to keep your showers and baths short.
  • Choose mild products, especially for soaps and cleansers. You might think that stronger products can remove more dirt, but they can actually strip your skin’s layer of protective oils.
  • Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it.
  • Apply a moisturizer based on your skin type. And yes, even oily skin needs moisturizer!
  • If you shave, make sure to do it carefully and apply shaving cream to make the process much smoother. Also, make sure that the razor is suitably sharp to avoid uneven shaves.


One of the reasons behind dull skin is dead surface cells. You need to get rid of these so your skin will appear more radiant. However, you need to be careful about buffing your skin. Again, you have to be gentle so you don’t damage the young, healthy skin beneath the build-up of old cells. You also need to get the right product for your needs.

There are two types of exfoliants that you can use at home: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants come in the form of scrubs, which slough away dead skin cells. Meanwhile, chemical exfoliants are acids like salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which can dissolve the chemical bonds between the layers of skin. There are also what’s called mechanical exfoliants, which are machines or tools (like lasers) that help remove your dead skin cells.

To know which type of exfoliation will work best for you, talk to your dermatologist.

Stop Smoking (or Don’t Start)

If you don’t smoke, good. If you are, stop. Smoking is bad for your skin because the chemicals present in tobacco can damage the proteins collagen and elastin, which are what make your skin supple and young-looking. In addition, smoking causes the blood vessels in your skin to narrow. With less blood flowing towards the skin, it will look paler and also receive less oxygen and nutrients.

The motions involved in smoking, such as pursing your lips, can also accelerate the development of wrinkles.

Use the Right Skin Products

Not all skin care products work the same for every individual, so don’t just buy the latest ones just because they’re famous. It’s best to consult your dermatologist first to know your skin type, then follow their recommendations for the most suitable products. This way, you can address the root of the issues and restore your skin’s good health.

Last but certainly not least, healthy skin requires the right food, enough sleep, and proper stress management. Eating skin-friendly foods, especially those rich in vitamin E, can help make your skin glow. Meanwhile, sleep lets your body—including your skin—rest and recover, and proper stress management helps prevent or minimize things like acne breakouts.

As you can see, it’s not all that complicated to achieve great skin. What you need is dedication and discipline, as well as some regular consultations with your dermatologist if you notice something wrong.

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