Ginhawa sa Kalusugan Ngayong Tag-Ulan: Be ready for the rainy season with these essentials

Be ready for the rainy season with these essentials

As the refreshing rains replace the scorching summer heat, a season shift brings both relief and health challenges. While the rain offers a welcome respite, it also ushers in health concerns that become more prominent during this time.

With each shift in seasons, our family braces for health challenges. During the rainy season, allergies strike, and flu and colds disrupt our routines. We’re cautious about indoor air quality, especially since we have a pre-schooler. Reduced sunlight affects our moods and immunity due to vitamin D deficiency. We’ve learned to take proactive steps to stay healthy, from stocking up on medications to finding ways to enjoy outdoor time despite the rain. Seasonal changes remind us to adapt and prioritize our well-being. As we continue to experience rainy days, it’s helpful to have these essentials to stay healthy, snug, and comfortable during the downpour:

Be ready for the rainy season with these essentials

Umbrella: Stay-dry comfort

Of course, number one on the list is an umbrella. If I would look at the bags of most Filipinos, I’ll most likely find an umbrella. It’s like a trusty sidekick in the crazy weather rollercoaster we experience daily. One minute, we’re under the scorching heat, and the next, we could be caught in a downpour with gusty winds. Having an umbrella on hand prepares me for whatever weather surprise comes my way.

Tea: A cup of warmth

There’s nothing quite like wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea as the rain taps against the windowpane. The soothing warmth of tea instantly makes me feel snug and content, making it the ultimate comfort drink for gloomy weather. I always choose a selection of soothing herbal teas such as chamomile, lavender, or ginger, which not only provide warmth but also have calming and digestive properties. Sometimes, I add some honey or lemon for an extra touch of sweetness and flavor!

Soup: Comfort food for the soul

For many Filipinos, soup has always been a comfort food especially during the rainy days.  Whether it’s the beloved Filipino classics like sinigang, tinola, or bulalo, or a simple yet heartwarming bowl of pumpkin soup, these have always been a go-to choice for me especially when I want some warmth!

Essential oils: Aromatherapy for comfort

Call me a tita but I love indulging in essential oils. These tiny miracles are made from plant extracts, and they have the power to turn my day around with just a sniff! Lavender essential oils can help reduce stress, while eucalyptus essential oils can provide relief from congestion, making it easier to breathe in the damp weather. It’s excellent as a sleep aid, too!

Essential vitamins and medicines: Defense and immunity booster

No rainy-day care package is complete without essential vitamins and medicines. It’s wise to have them on hand when I’m under the weather. This rainy season, I make sure I always have Nutrawell Sodium Bicarbonate, Actimed Paracetamol, Actimed Cetirizine, and Actimed Lagundi Leaf because it’s better to be armed with vitamins to boost up immunity and medicines and to be ready just in case there’s an early sign of illness. To make sure I have an ample supply of quality and affordable generic medicines and vitamins, I always go to Generika Drugstore.

Through its house brand products Actimed Generics and Nutrawell Supplements, Generika Drugstore makes flu and allergy relief medications accessible and affordable.

With these rainy-day essentials, ramdam ko ang ginhawa ngayong tag-ulan, ramdam ko pa ang ginhawa sa bulsa with the vitamins and medicines from Generika Drugstore!

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