Seda Nuvali Tower 2: Elevating Family Getaways with Comfort and Style

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 ReviewStep into the inviting embrace of Seda Nuvali Tower 2, a haven where comfort and style unite seamlessly. As a mom who has treasured the warmth of Seda Nuvali during family stays, the unveiling of Tower 2 has added a new layer of excitement to our experiences. Nestled amid Nuvali’s tranquil greenery, this hotel has been a cherished escape for my family. The opening of Tower 2 introduces fresh amenities, perfectly tailored for my kids, promising a delightful extension of our Seda Nuvali retreats. Seda Nuvali Tower 2 not only redefines the balance between work and play but also amplifies the joy of family getaways, making it our preferred destination for creating lasting memories.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Team Figuracion at Seda Nuvali

Escape From The Ordinary With Seda Nuvali

Seda Nuvali is more than an escape; it’s my family’s sanctuary. With better transportation, it’s just an hour away from the busy Metro Manila life—a quick trip to a world of satisfaction and style. It’s not your usual retreat; it’s a tailored experience for leisure and business travelers. For a mom like me, it’s not just a getaway; it’s a haven that perfectly balances relaxation and convenience, making every visit memorable, especially for my kids.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review

With the opening of Seda Nuvali’s second tower, get ready to explore a world of possibilities where relaxation and productivity seamlessly coexist. The new suites are designed to meet various needs, making them ideal for business travelers seeking extra space or local guests wanting a family-friendly stay like us.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Welcome to Seda Nuvali!

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review

Choose the Suite or Executive Suite if you like a separate living area – great for business executives or couples planning their wedding.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Executive Suite
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Suite Room

The Family Suite is excellent for families, featuring a master bedroom, a kids’ room with bunk beds, and a spacious living area.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Family Suite

Coming soon is the Seda Suite on the top floor, offering plenty of space with a full-sized living and dining area and a fantastic view of the man-made lake. Your stay at Seda Nuvali Tower 2 is not just about a place to stay but an experience crafted for your comfort and preferences.

Have a resort-style staycation with your family and friends. Swim in the kid-friendly pools, enjoy the sunset at the Pool Bar, and have a blast in the larger playroom and game room featuring the latest video games and computer stations. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there’s a spot here for your kids to have a great time during your stay.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Pool Tower 2
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review


Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Kyle loved the playroom
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Game Room
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Fitness Center

Perfect Work and Play Hub

Discover the ultimate balance of work and play at their co-working space on the 9th floor of Tower 1. Ideal for business travelers, choose from 4-hour or 8-hour slots with fast Wi-Fi and tasty snacks. It’s not just a workspace – it’s where work meets relaxation, giving you a genuine “work from paradise” experience.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Co-working Space

Versatile Venue and Delightful Dining

Check out the Narra Ballroom, a spacious venue for up to 400 guests, perfect for both corporate events and social gatherings. Their team takes care of everything, so your event runs smoothly.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Narra Ballroom

Visit Misto Café, the latest addition to Seda Nuvali, for a quick and delightful experience. Perfect for those on the go, it offers fresh pastries, signature drinks, and scrumptious cakes.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Misto Cafe

For a more heartier meal, explore Misto restaurant. Choose from a variety of individual dishes or try their Filipino Bundles, featuring three menu sets with traditional favorites like Kare-Kare, Pinakbet, Crispy Tadyang, Pancit Canton, and Seafood Bicol Express. Each bundle, good for 5 people, includes hot rice and iced tea, all for just PHP 3,200 net.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Filipino Bundles
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Fresh fruits, salad, and desserts

Armand Angeles, General Manager of Seda Nuvali, expressed, “As we unveil Seda Nuvali Tower 2, we take great pride in introducing a new chapter in our commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences.” He adds, “Our Lifestyle Hotel concept is redefining the boundaries between leisure and business, creating a space where every guest can seamlessly transition from work to play and back again. Our aim is to offer a sanctuary where tranquility, productivity, and the local charm converge. We look forward to welcoming guests to this remarkable destination in the heart of Nuvali, where every moment becomes an opportunity to craft cherished memories.”

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
(L-R) SEDA Nuvali Executives: Erin Songalia, Director of Sales & Marketing, Armand Angeles, General Manager; and Stephan Daniel Valdez, Communications Officer

The term “Seda,” meaning “silk,” serves as a representation of the brand’s dedication to delivering a smooth and enchanting accommodation experience. Remarkably, Seda holds the title of being the inaugural Filipino hotel chain in Asia to attain the prestigious “Customer Gold Service Property” (CGSP) certification from the American Hotels and Lodging Educational Institute. This achievement reaffirms its unwavering commitment to maintaining global standards of excellence in service and hospitality.

Additional Exciting Offers
With the festive season around the corner, Seda Nuvali has prepared some special surprises for its guests. Whether you’re here for a work-cation, planning a family adventure, or simply seeking quality time basking in the sun, we’ve got something extra special for you.

Nuvali EK-sperience: Experience the enchantment with a staycation starting at PHP 7,300 net. Enjoy 2 free regular day passes to Enchanted Kingdom, a comfy stay in a Deluxe Room, and a tasty breakfast. This special offer is available until December 28, 2023.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Nuvali EK-sperience

Pre-Holiday Getaway: Treat your loved ones to a day of calmness for just Php 5,500 net. Feel the breeze at Seda NUVALI and make special memories with our new amenities and facilities.

Coffee-nectivity: Dive into three hours of unlimited coffee, tea, and pastries at a great price of only PHP 275 net (brewed coffee and hot tea) or PHP 300 net (espresso and chocolate drinks, hot or iced). Offer valid until December 31, 2023, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Coffee at Seda nuvali

Filipino Bundles: Treat your family and friends to a delightful Misto experience with our Filipino Bundles. Enjoy your favorite Filipino dishes, perfect for your next heartwarming gatherings. Price: Php 3,200 | Good for 5 persons All platters include iced tea and steamed rice.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Filipino Bundles

Artisanal Honey-Glazed Ham: Make your celebrations special with Misto’s artisanal honey-glazed ham. Indulge in the sweet-savory flavor, tender-crisp meat, and the authentic touch of Palawan honey for only Php 1,700 net (1KG).

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Artisanal Honey-Glazed Ham

Baker’s Corner: Elevate your holidays with a selection of freshly baked treats crafted from all-natural ingredients, adding an extra touch of sweetness and warmth to your festive season.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Baker’s Corner

Barbecue at the Poolside: Savor hot-off the grill dishes at the poolside.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Barbecue at the Poolside

Festive Season Buffet: Create lasting memories with a sensational Christmas feast at Seda NUVALI, featuring a medley of flavors from international favorites to beloved local classics.
Christmas Eve Dinner: Php 2,700 net per person
Christmas Day Feast: Rates start at Php 1,899 net per person

New Year’s Feast: Ring in the new year with joyous hearts and satisfied appetites. Join us at Seda NUVALI’s Narra Ballroom, adorned with sparkling lights and a vibrant array of premium dishes complemented by live band performances.
New Year’s Eve Dinner: Php 2,900 net per person
New Year’s Countdown Dinner: Rates start at Php 1,800 net per person
New Year Lunch: Php 1,899 net per person

Attractions nearby:

Engage in various activities, such as Koi Fish Feeding at Nuvali, where the sight of the vibrant fishes is sure to bring you joy.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Koi Fish Feeding

Consider taking a taxi boat ride with your family. It’s an exhilarating activity to enjoy here. Engage with the boat captain for an even more thrilling and exciting ride.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Nuvali Taxi Boat Ride

Explore NUVALI’s off-road biking and running trails, winding through the lush greenery and picturesque surroundings.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Camp N

Indulge in some retail magic at Ayala Malls Solenad and discover exclusive offers at NUVALI’s outlet shops and membership stores.

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Ayala Malls Solenad

Some snaps during our stay:

Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Keisha, Kyle and Daddy Noel enjoying the pool at Tower 2
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Here I am trying the Mocktail Making Activity
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
With my husband and daughter enjoying the mocktails we made…
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
Barbecue Night at the Pool Side with Seda Nuvali Executives
Seda Nuvali Tower 2 Review
We enjoyed our stay in Seda Nuvali Tower 2.

Discover Seda Nuvali Tower 2, where work and play seamlessly come together. Having recently stayed there, it’s more than just a hotel – it’s an experience where peace and productivity go hand in hand. Nestled in the lively Nuvali community, every moment feels like a chance to create lasting memories.

Conveniently located near busy business and commercial areas, Seda Nuvali reflects the values of Seda Hotels. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s a blend of excellent service, great value, and exciting destinations. This expansion signifies Seda’s commitment to transforming the hospitality experience, turning our time there into a harmonious blend of work and family enjoyment.

Secure your reservation by visiting or reaching them at (049) 255 8888.

For additional details, stay connected by following their Facebook page:



  1. Grabe wow sobrang gandaa naman dito sa seda nuvali , perfect ksmaa ang family dito . Nakka relax tlga sa ganda ng place ????

  2. Ang ganda dito Sa Seda Nuvali Tower 2
    Habang ako nagbabasa sa Blog Mo Mommy k ,
    Akoy napawow ,pwede itreat our family , friends or loves ones para makapagstay dito lalo ay papalapit na ang holiday season and everything is perfect na Here !if whole family ang pupunta dito mag eenjoy talaga lalo ang mga kiddos

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