Keisha’s Curiosity

Keisha’s way of thinking and curiosity on all things make me figure out that she is really a smart and witty young girl.  Asking series of  never-ending questions are her forte. Sometimes, her questions are totally hard to answer and there were some that I don’t really know the answer.

The super curious little girl
The super curious little girl

 Just like last week, right after we attended a Jollibee kiddie party, we were strolling in Eastwood Mall and we came across an expensive cigars store. Keisha immediately asked her dad what were those stuffs packed in colorful boxes. Of course, my husband didn’t fully explain what were those since she will not fully grasp and understand the explanation. He just told her that those are for adults and not to be taken by little kids like her.

At her age that her memory absorbs as fast as a sponge, parental guidance is really needed. And, I feel grateful that I am with her every minute of her life.

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