Baby’s Developmental Milestones

Babies are special gifts from our Creator. They are like angels on Earth that need to be well taken cared of and loved. Here are some of the developmental milestones of babies. I hope this can serve as guidelines to first-time moms.

1st month:
Babies are so fragile during this time. Their head needs support, they can hear well and frequently hiccups, sneezes and fists are clenched. Most of the time they are eating or sleeping.

2nd month:
They already recognize your voice and know when you’re around. They cry when hungry, wet or uncomfortable and lift their head when lying on stomach.

3rd month:
They start to recognize people, turn side to side and can hold head up. They also coo, smile, giggle and hold rattle. They already know how to appreciate bright colors, toys and moving objects.

4th month:
Babies hold their head up without support, coo and smile in response to the people around them, and their eyes follow you around the room.

5th month:
Birth weight may be doubled. They already reach objects and try to put it inside their mouth. They can also turn from side to side and hold up arms to be lifted. At this time, they already show like an dislike for certain food.

6th to 8th month:
Many developmental changes happen during this time. They already do the following:
– explore surroundings with eyes
– reaches out to familiar people
– expresses satisfaction and discomfort
– strong mother attachment
– can sit briefly with support
– grasps object
– picks up object
– makes repetitive consonant sounds like “ba-ba”, “ma-ma”, “da-da”

9th to 12th month
Babies can now understand and follow simple instructions, know that an object still exists when covered, smile and pat mirror image, frightened of unfamiliar people, imitate action. look for attention, pull himself up to stand, can stand without help, walk with a bit of help and they start to use few words.

Source: My Baby Book, GSK

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