From Bachelorette To Slumber Party In Casa Blanca

Last June 28, I attended my best friend’s bachelorette party in Subic, Zambales. To all my other friends, please don’t get jealous as I am labeling all of you my “best friends”.  Kidding aside, this friend of mine is someone closest to my heart who knows me really well. We share not only our happy stories and  victories but also our heartaches, failures, insecurities and all the nega things we had. Our friendship is somehow strange since we don’t see each other often. We only spend time together once or twice a year since we live apart but all thanks to the power of technology. We get to text, e-mail and the likes almost everyday. Our relationship is a proof that friendship knows no boundaries. As long as you want to keep connected and choose to make things work distance will never be a problem.

sheila's bachelorette party

Going back to her bachelorette party, my appearance on that day came as a surprise. Subic is three-hour drive away from Manila so definitely the thought of going there with a kid in tow entails too much effort. Moms will surely understand what I mean. Good thing, my husband had to go to Iba, Zambales that same day to check on our bus that was stationed in that area. A blessing in disguise indeed. I hurriedly packed our things and headed to Subic with the whole family plus my daughter’s nanny. I knew that it’s impossible for me to be in Casa Blanca right in time so I just told them that I’ll come though, I’ll be very late.

I dozed off on our way, and woke up for dinner when we stopped in a food establishment along NLEX. We had dinner in Tapa King and ordered Beef Tapa for hubby, nanny and the mechanic, Beef Salpicao for me, and Chicken Adobo for Keisha. Our respective orders were great and delish.

tapa king
As expected, we arrived late and the party was over. So Sheila (the soon-to-be-bride), Kath and I had the room all by ourselves. We had non-stop catching-up of stories and lots of laughter and serious talks. Imagine how crazy and fun that was. The center of attention that night or that day, rather was the cake with a tooot on top. Sorry as I’m choosing not to post the photo here. Haha!

The bridal shower was organized by Sheila’s sister, Ate Anne, who’s based in Dubai. She secretly connived with Sheila’s friends to make this Victoria’s Secret-themed party possible and arrived here in the Philippines a day before the said event. So imagine the planning and preparation she made given the fact that she’s away.

patchi chocolate
I just really have to post this Patchi chocolate from Dubai given by Sheila’s sister. Haha! I used to see this in Gretchen Barretto’s Instagram account. According to Sheila, this is the chocolate that kings and queens love to devour.  Oh well, there’s nothing really special with the taste. Anyway, I only realized now that we didn’t have much photos that night. Maybe, we were so busy chatting that we forgot to take souvenir shots.

casa blanca 4Keisha had her morning dip in the pool. My daughter lives up to her name, she is indeed a water baby.

If I will count the number of times we’ve been here, this was our fourth visit. A little trivia, this was actually the same pool where Keisha had her first swimming pool experience. Here’s a throwback photo taken when she was  8 months old:

casa blanca 5My little princess. How time flies…. (teary-eyed)

casa blanca 6
Casa Blanca Hotel is  a condo hotel designed with unique features not often found in some hotels. It has a unique three storey breeze tower that guests would surely love. The pool bar is located below the tower to give guests a chance to enjoy swimming while drinking or simply having a mini pool party and a restaurant that serves local and International cuisines. It’s conveniently located along Argonaut Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

casa blanca subic 1Using my selfie stick/monopod from Jollibee

casa blanca subic 2Who would have thought that time will come that I’ll be posing with my friends together with my not so little girl.

casa blanca subic 2We’re all set to check-out.

casa blanca subic 3Good bye Casa Blanca! See you again soon. ( With the soon-to-be married couple, Carlo and Sheila, me, Keisha and Kathleen)

And since my husband is not yet back from Iba, Zambales to fetch us, we decided to ocular Sheila and Carlo’s wedding venue – Segara Villas Subic Bay. Kathleen and I also searched for possible hotels where we can stay on their big day. Here are our photos:

segara 1My little charmer sitting like a princes on this cute mini chair.

segara 2The lobby is decorated with modern Asian design with sophisticated interiors showcasing Balinese accents combined with contemporary yet with homey appeal.

segara 5Segara Villas 200 sq. m. swimming pool ( I bet she wanted to jump in. Haha!)

segara 6At the lobby of Segara Suites

segara 4Don’t we look so excited for the event this Saturday?

segara 7          Here’s our last shot for the day at Moonbay Marina Resort.

I hope we can find an affordable hotel to stay since we will just literally sleep at night and leave first thing in the morning for our hair and make-up.

Do you have any recommendations? Feel free to share your thoughts!


ADDRESS: Situated along Argonaut Highway at Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Manila: (02) 404.4784
Subic: (047) 252.9978

ADDRESS:   Waterfront Road, Subic Bay, Freeport Zone, Philippines
TEL:   + – 33
MOBILE:   +63.922.8.SEGARA (734272)
EMAIL:   [email protected]MOONBAY MARINA
ADDRESS: Block 5 Lot 1 Moonbay Marina Ave., Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
TEL: 047-2529718
MOBILE: 09437008029
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