Kid-Style: Barbie Rockstar

Barbie Rockstar in Baby Fashionista OOTD

Hi lovelies! I know you’ve missed my little muse here on the blog so I’m making a short and somehow throwback post of what she worn when we watched Barbie Live The Musical last December in SM MOA Arena. This was actually not the first time I brought Keisha in the theater to watch a live show, she previously watched several times Mickey Mouse and friends on stage in Araneta and in Disneyland.

Kid-Style: Barbie Rockstar
Since this was a Barbie show, I dressed her up in pink and incorporated signatured Barbie pieces like her watch and sneaker wedge shoes. I love that her outfit has different shades of pink that complement every piece  when put together. She opted to wear her sneaker wedge since she wanted to be Keira the rockstar. If only she had a violet dress like , she could have worn it otherwise.

Barbie Rockstar Baby Fashionista
I was totally in awe when my daughter started to sing alongside with the characters of the play. I didn’t know that she knows most of the song. If I remember correctly she even asked me to sing with her and said, Join now. Sing with us. I don’t know where she got it but she’s indeed musically inclined.

Barbie Rocksatar Baby Fashionista OOTD
She was so happy to have this Barbie notebook.

Barbie Rocksatar Baby Fashionista OOTD
On Keisha:

Dress: Baby Fashionista
Sneaker wedge: Barbie
Sparkling belt: Tarte Tatin
Watch: Barbie

Barbie Live The Musical

Barbie Rocksatar Baby Fashionista OOTD
The Figuracions with the cast of Barbie Live!

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