Toblerone Snow Top and #MakeSomeonesDay Toblerone Contest

When I received an invitation to attend an EPIC SNOW PARTY at Imperial Ice Bar, The Fort, I jumped in excitement since it’s my ultimate dream to experience snow, so even though, it’s set at night time, I didn’t let it pass. I sweetly convinced my husband to allow me and fortunately, he agreed provided that he and my daughter will stay at a nearby restaurant to wait for me. Of course, I know there won’t be real snow, but just the thought of “snow party” made me all giddy and enthusiastic to be there. Aside from the snow, it’s a Toblerone event so I really can’t miss it. I’m a Toblerone baby then, now and forever! And, I think I’m passing it on to my little girl.

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice BarCan I pass as a snow queen?

So let me take you to that epic and memorable night of my life. Just to be clear, back then when I was still single, I was never a party girl. My parents were strict actually, up to now, they still sometimes meddle with my whereabouts so I don’t really have memories of parties and night outs. Please forgive me if I will be raving about this party too much! =)

Toblerone Snow Top event

At the entrance point of Imperial Ice Bar, I saw cameras and media men interviewing Laureen Uy, famous and top fashion blogger in the Philippines. By then, I knew that she’s the ambassadress of Toblerone’s newest offering named SnowTop. I’ll tell more about this product later.

Toblerone Snow Top event
Can you spot the huge Toblerone SnowTop hanging on the wall? This was what’s happening when I stepped in and seated with my blogger friends.

Tobies were asked to come dressed in white and were served with calamari fritto, ham and chicken cheddar croquettes, mini chicken kieve, cheeseburger sliders and drinks.

Toblerone Snow Top event

The party started with the unveiling of Toblerone’s newest cool flavor, SnowTop.

Toblerone SnowTop 1

Toblerone SnowTop
– taste the delicious combination of the well-loved Swiss Milk chocolate with the unique honey and almond nougat taste with milk chocolate on top. This flavor is sure to #MakeSomeonesDay!

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar
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Epic and fun night with my lovely sisters (from left to right: Jen, Michelle and Rochelle).

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Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar

There were fun-filled games for the party goers that night. 5 Tobies won Best Dressed of the Night including my friend Rockstarmomma herself, Michelle. They were personally chosen by fashion blogger, Laureen Uy. On the other hand, Rochelle won in the Instagram contest. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to upload an entry as I was having a hard time posting. Blame to my internet service provider. Too bad! Nevertheless, I was happy that my friends won and were able to take home loads of Toblerone chocolates.Oh, by the way, the grand winner that night took home an Ipad Air. How lucky can she be? Right? My winning time will soon come. =)

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar

#MakeSomeonesDay Toblerone Contest

Toblerone's #MakeSomeonesDay contest

Get a chance to win a trip to Toblerone’s birthplace, Switzerland. How? Don’t worry, you don’t have to move mountains. All you have to do is follow the easy peasy steps that I’ll list down below:

  • Share with your family and friends either a Toblerone SnowTop, a Toblerone Crunchy Almonds bar or the six customized Toblerone sleeves with sweet messages – “I Love You,” “Thank You,” “Good Job,” “Stay Awesome,” “Congratulations” and “Happy Birthday.”Toblerone SnowTopToblerone SnowTop

tobleroneToblerone Crunchy Almonds

Toblerone Thank You Specially designed Toblerone bars

  • Buy any five out of these eight bars, give them as gifts and post about them. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #MakeSomeonesDay and tag the Toblerone Pilipinas Facebook page.

Note: The more posts you make, the more entries you get.

However, if Switzerland isn’t your thing (but why not?), you can also win the weekly raffle for a deliciously huge 4.5 kilo Toblerone bar. It’s big, it’s delicious and it can surely #MakeSomeonesDay.

For more details about the #MakeSomeonesDay contest, visit and follow Toblerone_PH on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to go out now to taste the delicious new Toblerone SnowTop and share it to #MakeSomeonesDay!

Going back to the Epic Snow Party, we were lucky to be part of the first few to step in Imperial Ice Bar’s icy VIP room. Wearing snow jackets, we excitedly entered and it was so cold.  At first, I managed to smile but after few minutes, my hands were somehow numbed and I can’t even take good photos. Sorry for the low quality of photos, I only used my Iphone 5s without flash.

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar
This car ice carving with Toblerone SnowTop greeted us upon entrance.

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar
This is the bar where vodka was served to keep party people warm. However, since it’s a Toblerone event, the ice bar served drink with real Toblerone chocolate syrup.

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar
I drank this one. The taste was oh so yummy! I was not really sure if this was infused with vodka or any alcohol. All I  know was that I wanted another shot. But, for the record, I only had one (self-control prevailed). By this time, I can’t even fully hold the shot glass. My fingers were really numb. If in case, you are more adventurous and game, there’s a straw on the side of the Toblerone ice carving. You may opt to sip there the Toblerone drink.

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar
More pictures with these lovely ladies

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice BarHoping to really experience snow and visit Switzerland.

Toblerone SnowTop Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar
Since we can no longer take the freezing temperature, we decided to leave the VIP room and were surprised for the long line of Tobies waiting to experience the one-of-a-kind bar. Look at my red nose! Haha!

Thank you Toblerone for making me a part of this event. It was indeed an epic party for all of us!


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