Under The Dome Season 2

Hi there! I was supposed to attend the media screening of Under The Dome Season II weeks ago, unfortunately, I  had to head back home since I can’t find my Iphone inside my bag. It’s a gift from my husband so definitely he’ll be very upset if I lost it.  After searching all over our house, I found it under our bed sandwiched by 2 boxes. Thank God! Since I can’t share with you my personal view on this, I posted below the press release. To anyone who can help me get a copy of the first season please let me know.

Catch UNDER THE DOME: INSIDE CHESTER’S MILL on August 27 at 9:55PM on RTL CBS Entertainment HD Look back at the first season of this hit series before Season 2 premieres. This exclusive one-hour special features highlights from last season as well as new interviews with the cast and executive producers.  Plus, get an advance sneak peek on what could possibly happen to the residents of Chester’s Mill who are still trapped under the mysterious dome.


On September 3, the second season of UNDER THE DOME will premiere on RTL CBS Entertainment HD with “Heads Will Roll.” Barbie’s fate lies in Big Jim’s hands, and the Dome presents a new threat when it becomes magnetized. Meanwhile, Julia seeks out the help of a stranger to save the life of a mysterious girl who may hold clues to origin of the Dome. The premiere episode was written by bestselling author and executive producer Stephen King, who also makes a cameo appearance, and was filmed on location in Wilmington, N.C. Eddie Cahill and Karla Crome join the cast as series regulars.


UNDER THE DOME airs every Wednesday, 9:55PM. Only on RTL CBS Entertainment HD.

RTL CBS Entertainment HD is available on SKYcable channels 53 (SD) and 196 (HD), on Destiny channel 53, Cablelink channel 224, and other provincial operators nationwide. Like on Facebook (RTLCBSEntertainment) and follow on Twitter (@RTLCBSEntertain).


About RTL CBS Entertainment HD

Launched in Asia in 2013, RTL CBS Entertainment HD is the first channel of RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network, the joint venture formed by world leading content producers, RTL Group and CBS Studios International. A general entertainment channel, it offers a balanced mix of reality, drama, comedy and daily programs and features exclusive first run content aired soon after the initial US broadcast including series Under The Dome, Intelligence, Elementary, Beauty and the Beast, Star-Crossed and The Millers talent competitions America’s Got Talent; and daily shows Entertainment Tonight and Late Show with David Letterman.

About RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network

RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network is a venture formed in August 2013 bringing together two of the world’s largest content producers: RTL Group, the leading European entertainment network, and CBS Studios International, the leading supplier of programming to the international market place. Its two new channels, RTL CBS Entertainment HD and RTL CBS Extreme HD, will be distributed in more than 20 Asian markets.



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