GIBI’s Mystery Girl Revealed at GIBI Shoes Fun Day

The country’s all season all occasion homegrown brand, GIBI Shoes, revealed its newest endorser otherwise tagged as the mystery girl in the poster/photo circulating on social media few weeks back. Held at Trinoma Activity Center last August 24,  the latest face of Gibi Ladies was finally revealed and she’s no other than the multi-faceted actress/endorser, Ms. Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Hiding at the backstage while singing the first part of the song “Superbass”, Jasmine wowed the audience when she came out  after changing one line of the song from Nicki Minaj to hers.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

gibi jasmine curtis

According to Gibi, Jasmine best represents the modern Filipina as she is empowered and independent, she knows what she wants, very outspoken, multi – faceted, family oriented, positive, approachable, and aware of her self-worth. As a brand, GIBI is very much like Jasmine. GIBI Shoes are stylishly wearable, simple chic, comfortable & all are of quality. Every shoes gives every wearer the confidence, certainty of quality and value for money.

Jasmine Curtis for Gibi ShoesJasmine Curtis is happy and proud to be part of the Gibi family

JAsmine Curtis for Gibi Shoes

Other endorsers of Gibi shoes were also present on the event like Ms. Nadine Samonte, Ms. Ella Cruz and Mr. Xian Lim.

Nadine Samonte

nadine samonte gibi shoes
For the past few years, many of us have seen the huge billboards of Nadine Samonte all over the metro representing Gibi shoes. Nadine Samonte literally grew up with the brand starting at 14/15 in the year 2003. Gibi got her when they start to introduce more trendy and chic ladies designs over a decade ago and to reach out and be closer to Filipinos.

What Gibi loves about Nadine:

Nadine as a person and an actress also symbolizes simplicity, frankness and sincerity. Just like the brand, we may offer stylish, up to date designs but not so much that one can be intimidated to wear them. In terms of looks also, Nadine can carry different styles from casual, dainty, a bit of sporty to a more sophisticated look and that entire persona, Gibi has a shoes to match with.

Ella Cruz

Ella Cruz

Ella CruzElla Cruz graciously danced and moved to the groove during the event.

Ella Cruz represents the dynamic generation of teens who love colorful, comfortable and hip shoes. She’s young and cheerful just like her taste of shoe style. There’s a wide array of Gibi designs for teens that they can use for school drama club requirements, wedges for weekend activities and classic and sophisticated looking design for party wear apt for their age.

Xian Lim

 Xian Lim for Gibi Shoes

Xian Lim for Gibi Shoes

 As Gibi Shoes were looking for someone who can best represent the Gibi Men’s line in 2012, the brand believes Xian Lim is the most suitable.

He is talented, multi-awarded and well-rounded as a person, in terms of his looks; he is more inclined towards comfortable, simple and classic choices. Xian just like the brand puts emphasis on longevity, durability, quality and comfort. As such, he has since been wearing the brand in all of his activities as an actor, as host or in his everyday life.

In this partnership, Gibi and Xian intends to encourage and enlighten everyone that premium, stylish but classic pairs in genuine leather (all Gibi Men’s shoes are in genuine leather) need not be expensive. It is best to invest in a good, quality pair that will last, a pair that can be worn in several occasions and worth the buy.

Gibi shoes fun dayGibi’s 3 female endorsers in one dance production number.

Displayed during the event were the shoes personally handpicked by Gibi’s celebrity endorsers representing their respective personality and style.

Nadine Samonte Gibi ShoesNadine’s choice

Jasmine Curtis Gibi shoesJasmine’s choice

Ella Cruz Gibi shoesElla’s choice

Xian Lim Gibi ShoesXian’s choice

Thank you Gibi Shoes for continuously making good quality, impeccably stylish, elegant-looking, comfortable to wear and affordable shoes for over three decades!

How about you lovelies, what’s your favorite Gibi pair? Mind to share your wonderful story below. =)

For more information and latest news about Gibi shoes, you may visit the following:

IG: @gibishoes

Available at:
Department Stores Shoes section- SM, Robinsons Dept. Stores, The Landmark (please visit Gibi’s fan page for complete list of stores)

(photo credit: Gibi’s facebook page)

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