Spectacular Show For The Family: Disney On Ice Presents Dare To Dream

It has always been my dream to become a  princess – live in a palace, dress in a shimmering and huge ball gown and adorn my hair with a sparkling tiara. Up to now that I’m an adult and a mother, my childhood dream of becoming as beautiful and ethereal as the Disney princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Belle never ceased away. I was not really into the love stories depicted in the fairy tales but more on the elegance, sophistication, poise, and enchanting beauty possessed by the princesses.

Disney On Ice posterThat’s why when I learned that there will be an ice skating spectacle – Disney On Ice Dare To Dream featuring the Disney princesses with Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the SMART Araneta Coliseum, I was not able to hide my excitement. Just like my 5-year old daughter, Keisha, who graciously adore the little mermaid, Ariel and Rapunzel, I also wanted to see the show. Yes, I’m a self-confessed fan of Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and the Disney princesses. Disney On Ice Dare To Dream x Magnolia ChocolaitLuckily, my family’s favorite chocolate milk drink, Magnolia Chocolait, was generous enough and sponsored free tickets to my little family plus another few tickets to my blog readers.

Disney On Ice X I Love Keisha Blog WinnersMy Disney On Ice Dare To Dream blog giveaway winners: Ms. Therese Docog Waldron,  Ms. Honilyn Joy Rogador, and Ms. Jenina Tuazon. Thank you ladies for joining the giveaway! It’s my pleasure to have met you. I hope you had fun watching the show.

Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream

The Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream show was all about the adventures of Disney’s inspirational princesses – Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel,  in their quest to fulfilling their dreams.

Disney on ice snow whiteSnow White is one of the Disney princesses known for her lips that as red as a rose and skin as white as snow. She was forced to leave the castle and befriended the Seven Dwarfs. Until one day, she was put to sleep by her wicked stepmother when she bit the red apple with a magical spell. A kiss from a person with genuine love for her was the only way to break the spell. Then, a handsome prince came, kissed her on the lips and they lived happily ever after.

Disney on ice cinderellaCinderella is also one of the stories that I love because of the entailed magical concept – the presence of a fairy godmother, the talking mice, rags turned into a beautiful ball gown, sparkling glass pair of shoes and of course, the pumpkin that was turned into a carriage and the mice to horses. I think it’s not that bad to think that something magical might happen to our lives if we firmly believe and work for it.Disney on ice rapunzelTheir execution of the story of Rapunzel was the part that my husband and I loved best. We were totally in awe witnessing the acrobatic aero stunts of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. It was fantastic! Amazing! It’s hard to find the exact word to describe how brilliant that scene was. The story of this enchanting princess was more on her dream of seeing the lanterns and the outside world since she grew up secluded in a high tower.

Disney on ice mickey minnie donaldAnd of course, Minnie, Mickey and Donald were there to add more fun and excitement to the show.

Through the years, I have known the fairy tales behind these beautiful characters. But to watch them live sing, dance and act in an ice skating rink was a totally different experience. Even my little girl was mesmerized with the whole production and with the casts’ ice skating skills. Since then she had been bugging me to enroll her in an ice skating class.

Disney on ice princessesA spectacular number presenting all the Disney princesses together with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy was the final number to end the show. Indeed, my whole family loved the lighting, music, costumes of the casts, choreography and the whole setting of the show. It was a full production with exceptional performances that we all loved and continuously raved about up to now.

Meet and Greet

After the show, we had the privilege to meet and greet two of the casts of the Disney On Ice Dare To Dream. Special thanks to Magnolia Chocolait for making this possible.

Magnolia Chocolait Meet and GreetMagnolia Chocolait

Disney on ice Meet and GreetCinderella and her Prince Charming

Disney on ice The Figuracions aka #TeamFiguracion (Daddy Noel, Mommy Kaye and Princess Keisha) with Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Disney on ice It was great to reunite with my blogger friends after the long yet fun, holiday break. With Jeff and Jen Aspacio of marriageandbeyond.com, my cousin-in-law; Iris Mejia-Acosta of pinayads.com; Earth Rullan of earthlingorgeous.com; and yours truly together with our kids.

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream x Magnolia ChocolaitThank you Magnolia Chocolait for this memorable experience and for the extra tickets for my blog readers!

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