FamilyMart Health and Wellness Meals: Fresh n’ Lite

Here’s good news to all! Healthy and nutritious meals are now made more accessible, delish, and affordable. Philippine FamilyMart CVS, Inc. launched its Health and Wellness line. No need for long hours of preparing nutritious dish for you and your family, as you can easily grab one at the nearest FamilyMart store in your area.

Family Mart Health and Wellness Meals: Fresh n' LiteStarting March 25, 2015, FamilyMart widens its food selections with the introduction of health and wellness line featuring ten dishes ranging from rice meals, to pasta, and even classic snacks Filipinos will surely love.

I was privileged to be part of the launch and had a taste of their sumptuous, filling and nutritious meals. The healthy gastronomic treat was served by batch.
Family Mart Health and Wellness Meals: Fresh n' LiteVeggie Sticks with Hummus Dip – P75.00
154 calories
carrots, celery, radish, and broccoli sliced in strips for convenience made healthy with three times less calories than fries. Dip the assorted veggie sticks in hummus seasoned with chickpeas, sesame oil, peanut butter, garlic, paprika, lemon juice, and olive oil for that scrumptious taste that will make you reach for more

Breakfast Chicken Rice Meal FamilyMartBreakfast Chicken Rice Meal – P150.00
520 calories
– packed with a healthy serving of lean chicken meat cooked to perfection, made sweeter with a pinch of brown sugar. You may also add kangkong for your daily intake of fiber

DSCN2219Breakfast Beef Rice Meal – P150.00
472 calories
– packed with protein, this lean beef meat is seasoned with crushed black pepper and fresh pineapple juice and glazed with savory sesame mayo dressing. High fiber brown rice completes the meal for energy, and kangkong leaves for added fiber.

Healthy Haiananese Chicken by FamilymartHealthy Haiananese Chicken – P150.00
173 calories
– perfect healthy alternative to ordinary fried chicken, infused with rich Chinese flavor. Top it with chili sauce made from their signature mix of spices or with ginger leek saucefor that spicy boost of flavor.

Smoked Fish Rice Meal by FamilyMartSmoked Fish Rice Meal – P150.00
275 calories
Рultimate dish light enough to get you through your jampacked day. Smoked milkfish mixed witha  healthy dose of greens, this meal is heavy on vitamins B and K. Low-calorie brown rice completes the meal for energy,a nd kangkong leaves for your daily need of fiber.

Kimchi Beef Rice by FamilyMartKimchi Beef Rice – P175.00
401 calories
– mixed with vegetables, this protein-packed lean beef meat is seasoned in savory sesame oil for that authentic Korean taste. Paired with low-calorie brown rice stirred with mayonnaise and fiber-rich kimchi.

Chicken Pomodoro FamilyMart Chicken Pomodoro – P69.00
332 calories
– Served with chicken breast fillet marinated and cooked to perfection and topped with tomato sauce rich in flavor from the combination of aromatics and seasoning.

Spanish Sardine Arabiatta FamilyMartSpanish Sardine Arabiatta – P69.00
320 calories
– lightness and savor of fish on a loaded bed of pasta topped with tomato sauce rich in flavor from the combination of aromatics and seasoning. Rich in calcium and protein, this meal helps enhance the cells in our muscles and bones.
Classic Taho by FamilyMartClassic Taho and Mango Taho- P55.00
180 Calories
– guilt-free dessert with soya protein to help boost daily vitality
– chilled silky soya pudding topped with a little syrup and sago pearls

FamilyMart Health and Wellness line“With our new Fresh n’ Lite product line, we hope to make it easier for Filipinos to create promising and feasible healthy lifestyles beginning with the food they eat without having to sacrifice great flavor.” — Mr. Ed Paredes, Jr., Geeral manager for FamilyMart

Mommy Kaye x FamilyMartThank you FamilyMart for having me! I specifically love the Breakfast beef Rice Meal, Smoked Fish, Chicken Pomodoro and the Classic Taho. Now, eating healthy is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with FamilyMart’s Health and Wellness line.
Fab Four at Familymart launchFor more information,please visit

Have you tried FamilyMart’s hearty and nutritious meals? Tell me which one is your favorite…

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