Xeleb Mobile Game: Sarah G Popsters

I’m a true-blue Sarah Geronimo fan, a real popster by heart. You’ll often see me screaming on her concerts, lining-up for her movies, watching her TV shoes and supporting her product endorsements. That’s why when I learned about her first mobile game app by Xeleb – Sarah G Popsters, I immediately clicked the download button.

Kaye Fig on Sarah G Popsters App LaunchAn avatar standee of Sarah G was placed in a mock stage at the Mind Museum in BGC, Taguig complete with microphone and numerous metallic balloons. I snapped a photo hoping that I’ll achieve that popstar-look.

Sarah G Popsters by Xeleb GamesSarah G Popsters is developed in partnership with Xeleb Inc., the Philippines’ first celebrity mobile games company. In a span of five months, Xeleb has launched five mobile games. Have you downloaded Anne Galing with Anne Curtis, Adventures of Kuya Kim with Kim Atienza, Trip ni Belle with Isabelle Daza and Market master with Erwan Heussaff?

Sarah G Popsters by Xeleb Games 2According to Mr. Raymond Racasa, CEO of Xeleb, “Sarah G Popsters lets Sarah’s fans follow her on a concert tour. Popsters unlock new Sarah songs as they level-up.”

Sarah G Popsters by Xeleb Games 3Isabelle Daza whose also a partner of Xeleb Inc. was present to formally welcome Sarah G. to the growing Xeleb family.

Sarah G Popsters by Xeleb Games 5Sarah Geronimo took the stage by storm with her fantastic production numbers. She’s indeed a total performer, a queen in her own right and the biggest popstar in the country.

Sarah G Popsters by Xeleb Games 6Singing Beyonce’s Baby Boy

Here’s her video:

Sarah G Popsters is a bubble pop game. You have to connect at least three bubbles of the same color to pop and to advance to the next level. As you progress, you will unlock surprise gifts from Sarah G. You’ll hear her voice cheering for you while her famous song “Sa Iyo” plays on the background. It’s actually a fun and exciting game filled with popstar surprises.

Sarah G popsters launchSarah G greeting you at the onset of the game.

Sarah G Popsters APP 1Level 1: Clear all bubbles!

Sarah G Popsters APP 2Wow! You’ve got a prize!

Sarah G Popsters APP 4I reached level 6 the first time I tried Sarah G Popsters. It’s not complicated to play and perfect for those moments when you want to pass time like when you’re stuck in crazy Manila traffic. I must say that I love the game and I’m looking forward to finishing all the levels.

Mobile games have driven the growth of Xurpas, Xeleb’s parent company, this year. In its Q3 disclosure, Xurpas already reported revenues surpassing the half a billion peso mark year-to-date. Mobile games represent Xurpas’ largest and fastest growing business.

Sarah G Popsters is available for download on Google Play.

Congratulations Xeleb for another successful mobile game app launch!

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