The New Ariel Power Gel

Doing the laundry is such a challenging task for a mom like me. Challenging in a way that you have to remove the deep-seated dirt and stain while making sure that the laundry process is not damaging to the fabric. Different clothes require dissimilar laundry care that’s why it is really important to have reliable partners like durable washing machine and a trusted detergent in doing this task .

New Ariel Power Gel Sunrise Fresh

If you’ll ask me what brand of detergent we use at home, well, we have few trusted and approved brands and one of my favorites is Ariel which is also my helper’s requested brand. What we love about this detergent is its power to remove stubborn stains easily, that works on all fabrics and leaves nice fragrance that lasts. We’ve tried other brands before, but after few washes the clothes tend to look overused and didn’t smell as fresh. So whenever, we do grocery shopping it’s inevitable not to grab a bag of Ariel.

New Ariel Power Gel Launch

Recently, I was invited to the launch of the new Ariel Power Gel at Century Mall Events Place in Makati City. Finally, Ariel now comes in gel form perfect for washing machines that we use at home. The event was hosted by Bianca Gonzales and attended by personalities like JC Buendia, Liz Uy, Rex Atienza, Tessa Prieto Valdez and Darla Sauler as Kris Aquino’s representative. Sadly, the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, wasn’t present because of flu.

New Ariel Power Gel Launch Bianca Liz Darla

Each personality shared their own experiences using the new Ariel Power Gel. All of them attested that Ariel Power Gel is a top of the line laundry detergent that meets their washing standards. I totally enjoyed listening to their conversation and learned a lot on how to take care of clothes most especially the delicate ones. Darla Sauler even shared how Kris Aquino does her laundry. She also reiterated that Kris Aquino really uses the products that she endorses unlike other celebrities.

How Does the New Ariel Power Gel Work

The new Ariel Power Gel addresses major stain problem with its ultra-concentrated gel, which allows you to use less detergent for better results. Moreover, Ariel Power Gel delivers better stain removal versus 2x powder detergent. This innovative laundry detergent will make you forget using powder detergent and elevates the way you do laundry.

New Ariel Power Gel Launch TestTo prove the brand’s claim, they did a live demo. JC Buendia and Rex Atienza stained two white shirts with coffee, chocolate and tea. The stained clothes were washed using a Sharp Washing Machine with one using the brand X detergent and the other using the newly launched Ariel Power Gel for about 15 minutes. The Ariel Power Gel washed cloth came out whiter and totally stain-free because it contains advanced nano-molecules that offer more effectiveness in cleaning. The results actually exceeded my expectation.

New Ariel Power Gel Launch Result w

New Ariel Power Gel Launch Result

Sharp Washing Machine, the number one washing machine brand,  partnered with Ariel for this event. Four attendees were lucky enough to win washing machines just by answering questions about Laundry Guide to Common Care Symbols.

New Ariel Power Gel Launch Sharp Washing Machine

My Thoughts on New Ariel Power Gel

I’ve been using this New Ariel Power Gel for two weeks now, and to say that I’m impressed is an understatement. It really does work better than powder detergent. Its stain removal properties keep our clothes cleaner and fresher. My husband and daughter kept raving on the scent that lingers on their clothes. It’s also economical to use, before, I’m using two to three scoops of powder detergent but with new Ariel Power Gel, all I need is half cup (45ml) of liquid detergent.

One of the biggest advantages of Ariel Power Gel over powder detergent is, it doesn’t leave powder residue on clothes. By using this product, you really get more from what you pay for. I highly recommend this product to my fellow moms who are in search of a powerful liquid detergent that is tough on stains but gentle on the fabric keeping your clothes looking new for a long time.

New Ariel Power Gel

How to use the New Ariel Power Gel?

If you prefer to use Ariel Power Gel in sachet:

• Apply a small amount of the detergent directly onto stains.
• Pour the rest of the detergent into the washing machine and proceed to wash as usual.
• For hand wash, the detergent will quickly dissolve in the water. Agitate as usual to get the desired amount of suds.

If you prefer to use Ariel Power Gel in the bottle, the steps are just as easy:

• Check the instructions on how much detergent you and proceed to use the bottle cap to measure Ariel Power Gel. Typically, about 45ml per 15-20 pieces of clothing or 65ml for bigger or dirtier loads.
• Apply a small amount of the detergent onto stains.
• Pour the rest of the detergent into the washing machine and proceed to wash as usual.
• For hand wash, use about 15ml for 5-7 pieces of clothing. The detergent will quickly dissolve in water. Agitate as usual to get the desired amount of suds.


Ariel Power Gel Sunrise Fresh
45ml sachet – P8.75
400ml pouch – P75
1L bottle – P175

Ariel Power Gel Freshness of Downy Passion
45ml sachet – P8.75
360ml pouch – P75
900ml pouch – 175

Promo: Ariel Power Gel is 50% off in selected hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide until February 29, 2016.

New Ariel Power Gel LaunchThank you so much Ariel for having me and for introducing this product to the market!


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