Unique Screen doors for protection against unwanted pesky insects

When you want natural cooling and protection against unwanted pesky insects, a screen door is the answer. One standard design opens in the center of both sliding glass doors when you open both doors. If you already have a sliding screen installed, this goes between the glass and the sliding screen so that you can close the screen when you do not want small children or pets to be able to get out. With a reversible design, you can close both doors without removing the screen.

This particular screen provides magnetic and hands-free way to exit and enter for your family, your guests, and any pets. You can therefore push through with your hands full of food and drinks, and the screen will automatically snap closed behind you.


Made of soft but durable fiberglass mesh, the screen has bottom and center magnets sewn onto a two-inch center overlap. The lightly-weighted bottom gives stability and is reinforced with outdoor fabric that adds durability and weather resistance.

Screen doors for French doors

There is a special custom reversible French door and slider screen available when you want to open just one of the French doors or your sliding glass door just halfway and need a screen opening on that side when you need an easy way to walk in and out for a party or barbecue.

This screen covers both doors if you want to open both, but it opens in the center of only one door and can be turned around to cover whichever side you want to open. There are four standard sizes plus custom sizes. The screen is portable, can be moved from door to door, and even taken on vacation for use at a cabin or motel. It rolls up and stores in a small space.

Easy, do-it-yourself installation

If you need only this temporary insect protection, you can install one of the smaller screens between one closed door and the jamb and later take the screen down to close the doors. You can install and take the screen down in about five minutes with tool-free installation with no damage to the door frame and with the use of an included manually adjustable spring tension rod. Small hook and loop strips sewn onto the sides attach precisely to the sides of the doorjamb.

More information

Learn much more about the versatile, functional, and reasonably-priced Bug Off Instant Screen Door and Reversible Bug Off Screen by calling 1-888-342-5270.

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