A Mother’s Love is Truly Unconditional

Few would argue over the power of a mother’s love. It is far reaching, unyielding, and relentless when it has to be. However, it is as gentle as feathers touch. The blending of the strength, power, and gentleness of a mother’s love is somewhat of a divine paradox. It is everything that it needs to be, a chameleon of sorts, that shape shifts to meet the needs of the child.


Love at First Sight
From the first time a mother lays eyes on her child, there is a connection, an undeniable sense of responsibility and care. If a mother breastfeeds, the mere fact that her body produces food for her child is nature’s way of validating the unconditional love and care that a mother has for her child. She’ll do almost anything to meet the needs of her child and this drive is built into a woman’s body.

Grows with Time
Although a mother’s love can be infinite from the start, it often grows leaps and bounds with the passage of time. As she watches her offspring grow, she is filled with pride and awe at how the tiny baby that lived in her womb now walks, talks, and has a personality of their own. A mother is filled with the wonder that the child exudes at life and new experiences and she wishes to be a part of that journey with her child. This can be seen in her desire to fill her child’s room with toys or cook his or her favorite meals, or even those cornhole lights her child can’t stop talking about. Regardless of the toy, the food, or the gadget, a mother’s love seeks to meet the needs and the wants of her beloved child.

Hopes for a Better Generation
Most mothers strongly desire and encourage their child to surpass them, to try harder, to run faster, to be better, and to attain more than the previous generation. They feel that their child is a precious gift, not only to them but to the world and that if cultivated, their child can achieve anything he or she wants to. A mother will work tirelessly to this end, always putting her child before herself. In her child, a mother has finally found a cause greater than herself and she tries to mold the child into the best person he or she can be.

A mother’s love is truly unconditional. No matter how old her child gets she always look at the child as the baby she birthed as well as an adult. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the love of her child and does everything in her power to ensure the best future for her offspring.


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