4 Signs You Have a Moisture Problem in the Basement

The basement in many homes is used to store many essential, but not immediately needed items. It is also a common area to place water heaters and furnaces. The last thing you need is to have these items and the foundation harmed by water intrusion. Below are four signs to look for that indicate there is a moisture problem in your basement space.

Visible Trails of Water and Flooding

It is hard to deny a moisture problem in the basement if you are able to see the water first-hand. Trickles of water running down walls or pools on the floor are all indicative that there is active moisture intrusion happening. Any amount of flooding and water collection in the basement will lead to foundation problems. The solution can be as simple as fixing leaking windows.

Damp Feel and Musty Smell

One indicator of moisture problems in a basement area is a sudden increase in humidity. Most basements have a damp, cool feel and slightly musky, or moldy smell. If there is a sudden increase in intensity you should start looking closer at signs of water damage. Condensation on items, wet storage boxes and visible mold are strong indications that water is getting in the space from some weakness in the walls, drains, windows or doors.

Widening Cracks in the Walls

It is not unusual to find cracks in the walls of basements. As these cracks widen, water has a better chance of entering the basement space. As more water leaks in, the cracks get wider. It is the ultimate catch-22 situation. You will need to have the cracks repaired to stop the flow of water. Keep an eye on these areas over the next period of heavy rain. You should be able to see the obvious trail of water if you have an existing leak.

Moisture Lines on the Walls

You may not be aware that there is a moisture problem in the basement after a recent purchase. Look for moisture lines at the base of the walls. This may be an area of discoloration, rust, or other debris that seems embedded in the surface of the concrete. If the area below the line feels damp, there is an active leak. You will need to have the source found and repaired to save your foundation.

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