Lock Your Helmet In The Travel Trunk To Prevent Theft

Have you ever experienced having your motorcycle helmet stolen? I have a friend who had two such experiences. In the first incident, it was his carelessness that caused the loss of his helmet because he just left the helmet on the motorcycle seat and went into a shop to buy something. It was less than 5 minutes and he never thought that his helmet would be stolen just like that. It so happened that there was a shop nearby selling motorcycle helmets for him to buy a new helmet without much trouble.

On the second incident, my friend was more careful. He used the fastener D rings of the strap to lock the helmet to his motorcycle and went inside the bank to do some transaction. He was confident that his helmet would be safe. He came out about 20 minutes later to find his helmet missing. When the thief found the helmet locked to the motorcycle, he cut the strap to steal the helmet. I am wondering, why would the thief wants a helmet with a cut strap. Would he be able to replace the cut strap with a new one? I have yet to find the answer.

After having his helmet stolen twice, he now has a travel trunk or storage box fitted to his motorcycle, behind the back seat. He chose a box big enough to keep his helmet inside, safely out of sight and so far, his helmet is safe from theft. Besides helmet, there is enough space inside the storage box to keep his motorcycle apparel and gloves. The storage box is also useful for keeping documents safe and away from rain. For women riders, the storage box is a good place to keep your handbags to avoid having your handbags snatched from you while you are travelling on your bike.

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