Complete Your Health Routine with Cetaphil | 7 Days of Cetaphil

Cetaphil celebrates healthy and beautiful skin with their 7 Days of Cetaphil event at SM Makati. This event highlights how Cetaphil can help each one of us to achieve not just beautiful skin but also a healthy one.

I learned about Cetaphil when I was searching for a mild, safe, dermatologist-approved and pediatrician-recommended product that I can use for my baby girl. I read a lot of good reviews about it and, later on, I tried using it for myself too. Great results were visibly seen on my skin after a week of usage. For someone who loves makeup, I make it a habit to thoroughly cleanse my face and rinse all the residue so my pores won’t clog and I won’t be susceptible to having pimples.

Going back to the 7 Days of Cetaphil event, I attended the first day which was all about how to complete your health routine with #MyCetaphilSkin. As a mom, I normally allot most of my time and attention in giving the best possible care to my family. I prioritize them all the time and I somehow neglect myself in the process. The only me-time I got on a daily basis is my bath time. Somehow, this lifestyle was quite unhealthy because I didn’t take good care of myself that much. And, I know most moms are on the same boat as I am. But, how can we love and care for others, when we don’t love and take care of ourselves first, right? So, self-love is important mommies. And, we shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

During the event there were 3 guest moms who were part of the panel discussion who shared their thoughts and ways on how they balance their busy family life and still manage to have time for some self love.

Joy Mendoza, Cetaphil brand ambassador, blogger behind, and mother of 5, shared how she encourages her kids to be knowledgeable on how to take care of themselves. Equipping them with skills and making them responsible individuals are just some of the challenges she face as a mom. But, she’s glad that there’s Cetaphil which is heaven-sent for her kids oily skin problems.

Nikki Tiu, beauty blogger, and mother of 1, shared how she managed to bid goodbye to her dry skin with the use of Cetaphil. She also happily shared that with Cetaphil as part of her daily skincare arsenal, she’s now more comfortable to kiss and hug her son without worrying about germ and dirt. I totally agree on this, because as moms, our face and skin should be free from harsh chemicals and germs most especially when we have babies that we carry or even toddlers who are very clingy and always wants to kiss and cuddle with mommy.

On the other hand, Rowena Wendy-Lei, beauty and food blogger, shared one of her beauty tips which is to always apply sunscreen. As early as 20 years of age, she religiously used sunscreen on her face. She’s a believer that prevention is better than to regret later on when your skin is already damaged. You would really see how beautiful her skin is when you see her in person.

Aside from skincare talk, we were taught by Yoga Plus how to properly breathe to stay calm and to switch ourselves from stressful to restful mode. Last, but not the least, we’ve learned how to prepare a healthy snack thru the help of Diet Diva.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser was originally formulated for dermatologists. It is gentle, soap-free cleanser for everyday cleansing of even the most sensitive skin. It’s even mild enough to cleanse a baby’s delicate skin.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is a lightweight moisturizer for face and body. What’s nice is that it has non-greasy formula that leaves skin soft and smooth.

Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Light Gel is formulated for sensitive skin and suitable for the face and body that offers highly effective UVA and UVB protection. This is fragrance and paraben free.

Don’t miss out on Cetaphil’s promos:

  • Get a free sling bag when you buy P1,000 worth of Cetaphil products
  • Get a free pouch when you buy 1 Cetaphil PRO wash and 1 PRO moisturizer
  • Get a free swaddle when you buy P700 worth of Cetaphil Baby products
  • Save with their 2+1 Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

Cetaphil products are available at all leading department stores and groceries nationwide.

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  1. Guilty ako dyan Mommy K as a mom of 3, mas priority ko sila without knowing that i deprive myself na rin. Good thing Cetaphil is part of our household and been my trusted brand for my kids. Aside sa mild siya talaga, smooth din ang skin nila. I didnt know na pwde din pala eto for us. Thanks for sharing the talk ng event na na attend mo, i learned too and will take note para di nmn ma behind skin ko.:)

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