Best Travel Destinations for Kids

Traveling with little ones in tow can be a serious headache, but vacations can also create some of your family’s most cherished memories. We’re discovering some of the best travel destinations for kids as well as providing some tips on how to actually get the whole family there in one piece—with minimal tears and maximum fun!

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya is the perfect place to spend your family vacation. It’s even a great first step into traveling abroad with your kids. There are crystal blue shorelines, adventure parks, ancient buildings, and plenty of activities (and relaxation time) for everyone.

Best For Ages: 3-15

Passports will be necessary for this trip, so age is more of a matter of preference for this family travel destination. If you’re eager for your kids to experience wanderlust early on, this is the perfect place to do it.

What To Do:

Besides relaxing by the all-inclusive resort pool or beach, you can explore the wonders of the ocean on a snorkeling trip with the family, check out Playa Del Carmen’seco theme park Xcaret.

What To Bring:

If you’re bringing baby on this adventure, you’ll want to prioritize comfort as they’re probably just getting used to experiencing the new world around them. A portable baby rocker is a great way to make them feel right at home wherever your next travel destination is.

US National Park Road Trip

The US National Park system is a huge array of beautifully diverse natural scenery and wildlife that the whole family will enjoy. Each park is unique in its breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. With 58 parks spread throughout the United States, there are plenty of options to choose from—and if you’re living in the upper fifty states, chances are there’s not one too far from your own home.

Best For Ages: 5+

Road trips can be tricky with toddlers and babies. Parents know how much of a battle it can be just to get your child to sleep in their own home, let alone moving around from place to place on the road. Plus, touring the National Parks system can be an incredible learning experience for the whole family. Let them soak in the nature and education and spark that sense of adventure after they’ve been exposed to travel a little bit already.

What To Do:

Depending on what park(s) you choose, there are plenty of options to make the most of your time. Perhaps you want to zipline in Yellowstone with your older kids or hike through the cavernous trails of Zion with the babes in a hiking pack.

What To Bring:

Entertainment is key when packing for a road trip! In order to avoid tears of discomfort and boredom, make sure to pack some art supplies, games, and plenty of road trip tunes to last the long drive. If you plan on exploring on hikes or even just to the next visitor’s center, you’ll want to invest in a child carrier pack.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has become one of the most popular kid travel destinations for families all over the world. With plenty of parks and even nature-focused activities to take advantage of, you’ll never be sitting back at the hotel wondering what to do next.

Best For Ages: 2-10

The magic of Disney and Harry Potter just can’t be denied. Seeing your child’s face light up at the first sight of their favorite character, or with their first taste of a chocolate frog is an indescribable feeling. While this isn’t the most budget-friendly vacation for the whole family, there are plenty of coupon resources to make the most out of your travel funds.

What To Do:

Of course there’s the Disney World Parks and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter— but did you know there’s plenty of other options to get a break from the chaos in between theme park visits. Bok Tower Gardens offers a peaceful, lush space to take in the natural beauty of central Florida while Gatorlandgives the family an exciting look at the native Alligator population.

What To Bring:

Orlando is a non-stop kind of vacation. We recommend bringing plenty of healthy snacks, comfortable clothes, and a big dose of patience.

Igniting a sense of adventure in your kids is a great way to teach them practical life skills, spark curiosity, and spend quality time with them. Enjoy these fantastic destinations and happy traveling!

  1. We are planning for a vacation and looking for best places where my kids will have fun. Now we decided to visit Florida, which seems to be an interesting and funny holiday. Thank you for sharing such an informative blog.

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