Asvel Quality Products Now at The Podium

When it comes to buying kitchen essentials I always go for quality especially in food storage items. This is why I enjoyed my visit to the new Asvel store at the Podium. Here you can find a wide array of lunch boxes, tumblers, and food storage units that are made with Japanese standard quality and design. Kris Aquino who has a reputation of being a stickler for quality was happy with her experience using Asvel products. But of course I had to see the products myself so I set out to explore the store.

There were plenty of nice looking items on display at the Asvel store. First on my list of good finds is the Luntus Lunch Box sets. I like the simplicity of its design and color. Those who love pink will be happy with the available designs of lunch boxes. Aside from its looks, the lunch boxes are also efficient in keeping your food warm and fresh. They are great for those who like to bring home-cooked meals to the office. You can pair your lunch box with a leak proof water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the day. But if you prefer hot beverages then the vacuum insulated mugs and tumblers are the options for you.

I also like their selection of kitchen essentials which covered everything from pitchers, air tight canisters, pots, racks, and waste bins. One of the things that got me interested is their selection of rice dispensers. With rice being a staple in the country, a rice dispenser becomes an essential in every household. The Asvel Rice Dispenser features air tight compartments to protect your rice from dust and moisture. It also has a measuring mechanism to help you monitor your consumption and a drawer-type design for convenient access. Another thing I liked about these dispensers is their sleek design that can fit in any modern kitchen. You can choose from three dispenser designs that can look good in your kitchen. There is an automatic colored, automatic clear, and manual clear variant.

Homemakers who are particular with quality and design in their kitchen items can find plenty of good options in Asvel. I for one am happy with my finds during my visit. Aside from the Podium you can also get your Asvel items at Make Room, Cash & Carry, The SM Stores, Rustan’s Department Stores, and National Bookstore.


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