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Japanese Beauty OR J-Beauty made the list of beauty trends to watch out for in 2019. For those who are not familiar with this trend, J Beauty basically makes use of products and techniques from Japan to enhance one’s beauty. I recently got to try this beauty trend when I visited the Ayumi Eyelash & Nail Art Salon. My goal is to get gorgeous lashes that look and feel natural but since I’m already there I also decided to have a go at their other services.


Long lashes on women have always been considered as a beauty asset for women. This is why women go for eyelash extensions or falsies whenever they have a big day.  I have my reservations in putting lash extensions for fear that it might be painful or my lashes might feel heavy afterwards. But I was assured that the procedure for the Ayumi Eyelash 5-D Extensions are safe and pain free. Plus, the eyelashes are also lightweight and made from high quality materials. It was also nice to know that Japanese trained and certified eyelash technicians are the ones performing the procedure. I was also informed that the procedure will last for 2 hours. So if you are planning to get your extensions then free up your schedule for at least 3 hours.

There are several types of eyelash extensions available at Ayumi Eyelash & Nail Art Salon. They vary in length, thickness, color, and curl styles. I opted for their 5-D eyelash extensions which makes use of 200 to 300 lashes per eye. The lashes are made from 100% sable mink hair from Japan and are lightweight. The lash extensions actually feel soft and light to your touch so it’s easy to fall in love with them when you see them. As for the binder, Ayumi makes use of high quality glue from Japan that is gentle on the lids while protecting your natural lashes from falling off.

I appreciate the tedious care taken by the technician in performing a lash by lash procedure to perfectly blend the extensions to my natural lashes. The eyelash extensions are so lightweight and natural looking that you could barely feel that they are there. It turned out to be a pleasant experience for me and I wouldn’t mind having these extensions on for weeks. The Ayumi staff advised me not to wet my eyes for 5 hours immediately after the procedure. They also advised against rubbing the eyes, using oil based products on the face, and sleeping with face down or on the side lest you squish the lashes.

for reference: my original lashes (see how sparse my brows are)

If you want a more natural looking lashes, you may opt to try their Ange Curl which is the first here in the Philippines. This is the latest eyelash extension trend in Tokyo, Japan. It also uses high-quality sable mink lashes that gives a more natural and lifted look. This one is easier to manage than the 5d.  I’ll try this one too soon and will give you a feedback.

For eyelash extensions, retouches are recommended every 10-14 days at P 500.00.

Rates for Eyelash Extensions:

40-40 lashes Php 1,000
60-60 lashes Php 1,250
80-80 lashes Php 1,500
Ayumi Diva Lashes Php 2,000
Ayumi 5D lashes php 2,500
Ange Curl Lashes Php3,500
Ange Curl 5D php 4,500

Aside from the 5-D eyelash extensions, I also got to try the Teeth Whitening using Japanese grade machine & serum. I was actually surprised to see visible results in just one session! Most of the teeth whitening services I am familiar with take several sessions before having visible results. And since I’m already at a nail salon, I availed of their manicure services and had a pleasant time with it too.

Tokyo Bright Teeth Whitening Rate:

  • They have an ongoing promo for their teeth whitening service which is P1,000.00 per session

Overall, my visit to the Ayumi Eyelash & Nail Art Salon was a great experience. Trying the lashes in particular was well worth it. For the record, this was my first time to have an eyelash extension and I’m looking forward for my next one.

If you wish to be #PamperedByAyumi just like me, book your appointment now at any of these branches:

Victoria Tower, Timog Avenue, QC
Vista Mall Taguig
Evia Lifestyle in Daanghari
BF Homes

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  1. I want to book for eyelash extension, just the light and not thick ones, if possible. Is tomorrow okay?

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