Close-Up White Attraction Naturals: A Fresh Option for Brighter Smiles

Don’t underestimate the power of your smile as it can make someone’s day brighter or become a source of motivation. Aside from sincerity, clean and white teeth are also key in delivering beautiful smiles every day. Well, here’s some good news for the “smilers” out there. Close-Up recently launched a new line of whitening toothpaste which is the Close-Up White Attraction Naturals. As the name implies, this toothpaste line aims to give you an attractively white smile every day.

Yellow teeth or teeth discoloration can be caused by several factors including diet, life style, poor dental hygiene, and aging. For instance, drinking coffee, tea, or cola regularly can cause dark stains on your teeth making them look poorly kept. The good news is, you don’t have to give up your daily cup of joe or tea to get whiter teeth. The new Close-Up White Attraction Naturals can help you get whiter teeth in as early as two weeks. Not just that, these fresh toothpaste variants also helps remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and strengthen gums. If you are wondering what makes it different from the other Close-Up variants, then here’s how.

Close-Up White Attraction Naturals combines natural ingredients and whitening agents that give your teeth a gentle but efficient cleanse and stain removal. White Attraction Naturals comes in two variants the Natural Smile and Natural Glow. Natural Smile variant combines Lemon Essence and Sea Salt to cleanse and whiten. Lemon is known for its whitening and stain removal properties while Sea Salt contains minerals that help cleanse, whiten, and strengthen teeth. This is a good variant for those who are partial to citrus as it has a good balance of lemon and sea salt flavors.

The Natural Glow variant of White Attraction Naturals features a combination of Coconut Extract and Bamboo Charcoal. Both ingredients are known for its whitening properties but aside from that coconut extract is also known for promoting oral health. As for Charcoal, it is a common ingredient for removing germs and bacteria.

Say goodbye to yellow and coffee stained teeth by exploring your #swipewhite options with Close-Up. It’s a fresh new way to give your teeth a gentle cleanse, polish, and whitening treat. The White Attraction Naturals are now available in your favourite stores.

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