Fashionable Baby Shirts and Pajamas from BeBe by SO-EN at Shopee

Comfort is a top criteria in choosing clothes for my baby. Simply because based on my experience, comfy babies are happy babies. I often choose baby clothes made of light cotton fabric for my baby like the ones from BeBe by SO-EN at Shopee. These type of clothes help keep my baby cool and  comfy all day. Not just that, the recent BeBe clothes that I got are really cute too!

SO-EN has long been a trusted brand of affordable cotton underwear for all ages. Over the years they have expanded their lines to cover RTW and children’s wear including the BeBe by SO-EN for infants. There are several things that I like about this brand. First is the cotton rich fabric that they use for the clothes. Its soft to the touch so I know that it will also be soft and gentle on my baby’s skin. It also doesn’t wrinkle even after many washes and is quite durable. This means that your baby clothes won’t look worn out or old after a few washes. They are simply perfect for my baby’s everyday house clothes and sleep wear.

Another reason I chose this brand is affordability. You can get 3-in-1 sets for less than Php300. Now if you want to grab it on a discount then I suggest you get your bunch of clothes from BeBe by SO-EN at Shopee during Shopee’s 8.8 sale.

I found these cute 3-in-1 BeBe  Underwater Friends T-Shirts for only  Php213 on sale. It is one of the new products released by the brand recently. Aside from the cute prints, these shirts also have pipings on the sleeve for a more secure fit.

Another good buy is the Bebe by SO-EN 3-in-1 pajamas. You can choose from 3 color sets of plain pajamas which include the PINK set, BLUE set, or WHITE set. The PINK set includes 1 pink, 1 yellow, and white pajama. The BLUE set includes 1 blue, 1 yellow, and 1 white pajama while the WHITE set contains 3 white pajamas. If you prefer printed pajamas then you might like the BeBe 3-in-1 Safari Zoo pajamas.

As for baby’s underwear, I got the BeBe 3-in-1 cotton rich briefs. Aside from helping prevent leakage, these underwear also provide additional protection for my baby as he moves around and play.

BeBe by SO-EN provides my baby with cool and comfy clothing that supports his play activities and helps him sleep well at night. These are good quality and value for money product that are proudly Pinoy made. Now that is a good buy!

You can find more cool and comfy fashion pieces for your baby from BeBe by SO-EN at Shopee. Don’t forget to grab them during the Shopee 8.8 sale from August 1 to 8 and get great deals.

You can also follow them on facebook, Instagram, and Shopee to get first dibs on their special offers.

  1. So-en is very comfortable to wear, kids love the designs and the unique color of it.Very fashionable too.

  2. Good quality po tlga mommy K ang So-en brand. Very comfy and ang soft ng fabric nya that’s perfect and fit to our kids. ? And good news po dahil meron silang great deals and discount sa Shopee from August 1 to 8.?

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