Bata Ladies Comfit Collection: Comfy Footwear Your Feet will Love

Is comfort one of your requirements in choosing shoes? Or are you willing to sacrifice it for a gorgeous looking pair of shoes? The good news is you don’t have to choose between looks and comfort when shopping for your footwear. This is because there are footwear brands that recognize your need for both comfort and aesthetics. Those who wouldn’t want to compromise their comfort won’t have any trouble finding a nice-looking pair in Bata Ladies Comfit Collection, or any other line of Bata shoes.

Bata is an established footwear brand that has been around since 1894. With over a hundred years under their belt, they are able to make their mark as a reliable brand in 70 countries and 5,000 stores worldwide. I got to try some of their shoes and they are really quite comfortable. The ones I tried had a nice fit and feel in it. They also look nice and stylish too. If you are a fan of this brand then you’d be happy to know that they just had their grand launch at Shopee last January 11. Shoppers get to enjoy exclusive promos and up to 70% discount on selected items during the launch. As a result, I ended up shopping for Bata Shoes at Shopee. Here is a quick look at my latest shoe shopping yield.

Nancy from Bata Ladies Comfit Collection Summer Footwear. Slippers or slip-ons are some of the most comfortable footwear around. I like wearing them around the house or when running quick errands. This is why I got the Nancy slip-ons for my first pick. These are elevated slip-ons that sort of resembles a low-heeled wedge sandal. I picked a neutral color, beige, so it can go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Carmi from Bata Ladies Contemporary Collection. Your set of footwear basics will not be complete without heels in it. Now, the Carmi heels aren’t just heels, they are red hot heels. The strappy design and high heels give these shoes a bit of a sexy feel while the boxy-heel design helps provide comfort while you walk. These strappy sandals are great for casual wear. They can look good with you dresses, skirts, pants or even shorts and jeans for your smart casual events.

Katie from Bata Ladies Red Label Collection. Ballet flats are on my list of footwear essentials too. Since most people choose ballet flats for their comfort, Katie from Bata Red Label definitely fits the bill. Aside from comfort, I also like the aesthetics of these flats. I like the pointed soles and texture which give the flats an added chic.

I also found some comfy and fashionable men’s shoes from Bata at Shopee. Those who value comfort in their footwear can also find shoes for their family members from the Bata selection. Remember, be kind to your feet, give them shoes that provide them with the comfort that they deserve.

If you are after great deals then I suggest you shop now. It’s not too late to get discounts and avail of exclusive promos from the Bata grand launch because these run from Jan 11 to 17.

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