3 Ways to Stop the Virus Spread with BETADINE® Protection for Your Viral Gates

Viruses can be transmitted in several ways. In the case of Covid-19 virus, the 3 major modes of spreading include sneezing, coughing and touching. This is why health officials recommend the use of protective gear for entry points or viral gates like the eyes, mouth, and nose. But you can do more  in safeguarding the health of your whole family. Aside from complying with health protocols, you can also get BETADINE® Protection for your viral gates.

Betadine is a trusted brand for antiseptic solutions commonly used for treating minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. As such, you may want to have one of their wound solutions in your first aid kits. Aside from antiseptic solutions, this brand also has hygiene products that help protect your health and prevent the spread of  viruses. Here are 3 ways in which BETADINE® Protection can help stop the spread of viruses and protect your health.

BETADINE® Oral Antiseptic Solution Gargle. Since the mouth is an entry point for germs and viruses, utmost importance should also be given to oral care. Aside from regularly brushing your teeth, using mouthwash can also help stop the entry of viruses in the body. This mint-flavored mouthwash is formulated with 1% antiseptic solution that kills viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It can kill viruses in as early as 30 seconds thereby preventing the spread of viruses further into the body. This quick action also offers fast and soothing relief for mouth sores and sore throat. Not just that, you can also use it as a degerming soak for toothbrushes and dentures.

BETADINE® Throat Spray. Keeping the body healthy is one of the best way to fight viral infections. This means immediately dealing with aches, pains, or discomforts even if they seem minor. In the case of sore throat, Betadine Throat Spray can get you the fast and soothing relief that you are looking for. It is a 0.45% oral antiseptic solution, that kills viruses (the leading cause of sore throat) in as early as 30 seconds. Another nice thing about it is the direct-to-throat delivery system which ensures that the solution reaches its target area.

BETADINE® Body Wash and  BETADINE® Fresh Bliss® Lavender. One of the main reasons why viruses are able to enter the body is physical contact. Our hands and body can easily get contaminated with germs and viruses because touching objects, surfaces, and people are part of our daily lives. As such, our hands and body need to be washed regularly to ensure that these germs and viruses are removed before they get to our viral gates. When it comes to bathing products, the Betadine Natural Defense Body Wash is a good option for cleansing and protection. But since the feminine area requires special care you’ll also want to have the Betadine® Fresh Bliss® feminine wash. It has Gentle Defense Lactic Acid that helps soothe and moisturize your intimate area while maintaining its pH balance. This clinically tested, paraben-free product also protects you from unpleasant odor.

Germs, bacteria, and viruses are leading causes of illnesses. But since they are also part of life, the best thing that we can do is to prevent the spread. Take measures to keep your family healthy and protect them from germs, viruses, and illnesses. Remember to eat healthy, sleep well, exercise, and practice good hygiene. It also helps to have BETADINE® Protection for Your Viral Gates to safeguard your health. These products are available on a discount at Shopee from March 12 to 14. I suggest you shop now and get savings for your purchases.

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