2 Ways to Master Your Brows with Sace Lady at Shopee Beauty

Most people would usually look you in the eye when they’re talking to you. Aside from being a sign of sincerity, it also shows that your giving your full attention to what the other person is saying. As such it would be nice to have some gorgeous brows and lashes that you can flaunt during conversations. The best way to come up with this is to master your brows . For that Sace Lady has got some tools that are quite handy. These tools actually give you 2 ways to master your brows.

Tool # 1: Sace Lady Tinted Brow Gel

Having well-shaped brows is a great way to frame your eyes. But this can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools. There are brow stencils that you can use to help you achieve the perfect shape for your brows. However, mastering your brows is going to be easier if you’ve got a good brow gel with you. The Sace Lady Tinted Brow Gel is a good option for those who love to work on their brows. It has a creamy gel texture that makes it easy to apply. It also has a highly-pigmented formula with a lasting hold. This means that your brows can look vibrant and stay in place for the whole day. Another nice thing about this brow gel is that it’s available in 6 shades so you can easily match your brow color with your hair.

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Tool # 2: Sacy Lady Brow Styling Gel

One of the brow trends that we love is the feathery brushed-up look that gives posh to those bushy brows. For this look, the brow styling gel from Sacy Lady can help you tame those brows and make them look gorgeous. It’d quite easy to use, all you have to do is spray, glide, and brush. That is, spray a bit of water on the spooly brush, glide it on the styling soap, and brush your brows using upward strokes. Once you’ve achieved your desired feathery look you can finish it off with a touch of the Sace Lady Tinted Brow Gel.

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