Christmas Shopping Tips

1) Make a list of all your gift recipients – godchildren, relatives and friends. On the side of their names, you can cite any gift idea for them like you can give your dad a new pair of shoes, your brother a standandmounts ipad mount for his new gadget and your cute niece a fluffy teddy bear.

2) Shop when there is sale. Sale is the 4-letter word that we all shopaholics love. A 70% off and a buy one take one deal is a major help to our budgeting woes. Even 10% price reduction of regular items count.

3) Look for beautifully packed Christmas gift items. Those are instant Christmas presents.

4) Take advantage of the free gift wrapping service offered by shopping malls and boutiques. There you can save the cost of gift wrapper, your time and energy.

5) Make sure you guard your valuables when you shop. You can place some of your cash in your bag and some in your pocket.

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