A Guitar Gift For My Birthday

“If there’s a will, there’s a way”

I have a cousin who is so engrossed with music. He is multi-talented. He knows how to sing, how to dance and now he is learning how to play musical instrument on his own.

One day his father heard a musical sound coming from his room, knowing that he doesn’t know how to play the organ, he thought it was in an auto-play mode. Then after few days, he heard the same song again. He was surprised to see that it was actually his son playing. To his happiness seeing how determined his son was, he promised to give him a new musical instrument on his birthday. And, when he was asked what gift he prefer, he delightfully answered a Fender Blacktop since he also wanted to learn how to play a guitar like some of the American Idol winners who can both sing and play electric guitar like a rock star or an acoustic singer.


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