What Is Red Light Therapy And Is It Good For Your Skin?

Red light therapy is a no-heat, low-power treatment that is not painful in any capacity. Wavelengths are emitted through the skin, and it offers a regenerative effect on everything from cellular energy to the digestive and nervous systems. While more research and studies are needed to conclude definitive findings, preliminary studies show that red light therapy for skin conditions and other ailments is an effective treatment option.

Red light therapy offers a plethora of anti-aging benefits. When used a restorative treatment option on the face, you can expect to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduced skin roughness, a more even texture and less pigment variation. Since people suffering with rosacea are often sensitive to heat, red light therapy is an effective treatment option for healing skin’s redness as there is no heat involved during the procedure. As a hair loss treatment, red light therapy stimulates follicle growth and may reverse or stop hair loss altogether.

In addition to anti-aging benefits, red light therapy is also commonly used for a wide variety of other ailments and conditions: activating the lymphatic system to eliminate toxic waste, increasing blood flow and circulation to tissues and organs, and improving collagen production which aids in supporting skin, joint and digestive health. In addition, red light therapy also repairs connective tissue damage; scars, incisions and stretch marks are often significantly improved with this treatment. It also decreases inflammation and lowers the effects of damage from free radicals, which is a major contributor to many illnesses and aging-related conditions.

While the positive effects of red light therapy are just beginning to generate media buzz, skin care experts, dermatologists and aestheticians have been aware of the positive benefits of red light therapy for years. One example of a company offering a plethora of products and services centered around red light therapy is Hollywood Beauty Secrets: https://hollywoodbeautysecrets.com/. Whether you are looking to improve or target a specific condition or are looking for a treatment to enhance your healthy lifestyle, red light therapy offers promising results.


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