Sitti Signed-Up With MCA Music

My favorite Bossa Nova Queen, Sitti, already signed-up to the country’s number 1 music company, MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines).

Contarct Signing with MCA Universal
Contarct Signing with MCA Universal
Present during the contract signing was MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) President Ricky R. Ilacad who incidentally was the one who signed up Sitti during his term as head of another record label. Also present were MCA Music executives Wilson Cruz (Marketing & Sales Director), Kiko Guevarra (A & R Manager) and Mark Bonifacio (OPM Label Marketing Manager).

I have seen her once in a mall show with a guitar like charvel guitars at Musician’s Friend. And, she was able to play that instrument very well. No wonder, she is tagged to be the Philippines’ Bossa Nova Queen who started the bossa nova trend here in the Philippines.

I’m looking forward to her upcoming projects with the Universal Music Philippines.




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