Sweet Surprises On Valentine’s Day

Before the love month ends, let me share with you the sweet surprises I received on Valentine’s day from two of the most treasured people in my life.

Honestly, I was not expecting anything from my husband since two days before Feb. 14, he encountered a minor accident while playing basketball. He had sprain on both of his ankles that unfortunately, caused him to take leave from work since he can’t hardly get up from bed and walk. Technically, he won’t be able to order flowers because he can’t drive and all. And, yet, I know that he never trusted and tried ordering any product online using his credit card except for making international hotel reservations.

Then, came Feb. 14. I know for some, this day is just an ordinary day but for me, who’s fond of celebrating special events, heart’s day has to be special, though not extravagantly special.  I swear even a sweet little note is enough to make me feel extra special on that day.

Upon arriving from school, my daughter giddily entered our door and said “Mommy, close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.” She didn’t stop until she’s sure that my eyes were closed. Then, with all smiles, she gave this red card for me with a sweet note.

Valentine card This is the first Valentine card from my little girl. For an extra sentimental person like me, I’ll definitely keep this for life. I love my little girl so much. She truly completes and gives a wonderful color and a meaningful purpose to my life.

And, then before we had our lunch, my husband said that I need to check the gas stove in the kitchen and there I saw this well-arranged and lovely bouquet of flowers with another sweet note. =) If I’m not mistaken, it was my brother-in-law who got these flowers on his behalf. But, I was totally happy that he wrote a short but sweet note for me. You know, my husband hates writing letters. His kind of sweetness is not on that level. Haha!

valentine's dayI really appreciate the sweet gestures made by my husband, most especially, when he makes “love notes” for me since he’s not a naturally born sweet person. Oh, by the way, weeks before Vday, my husband gave me a great gift. I was totally surprised when he handed this to me…

Iphone 5s gold
According to him, this Iphone 5S (32 gb, gold) is his advanced Vday gift for me. Last Vday 2013, he gave me Ipad Mini. Maybe, next year it will be a MAC laptop. Dream on, girl! Haha! Thank you babe! I’m really more than blessed to have a responsible and loving husband like you who always prioritize my welfare and happiness on top of all.

There’s one more surprise and unexpected gift that I received on Vday, it’s from Jollibee. I think that one deserves a separate post.

How about you guys, what are the little surprises that made you feel extra special last Valentine’s day?




  1. Aww, such a sweetie. I am not really the person who likes material stuff so I prefer something romantic that doesn’t make use of material gifts, haha. Special moments are still the priceless things for me so I kept telling my bf not to give me “material” stuff haha to be honest, I just can’t find myself to be happy receiving those things.

  2. Awww I love little letters from my daughter too! I find it super sweet and quite thankful for their teachers who initiated that activity in school.

    Hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but daughter demanded that we do. Even told her daddy to give her something special because it’s Valentine’s day haha!

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