Lactacyd: Unique Care For Every Woman + Win An Asian Cruise Trip For Two

I have been a user of Lactacyd for countless years. It has been my daily feminine hygiene partner most especially during my red days. From a school girl  to a corporate and investment banker to a devoted mom, Lactacyd never fail to give me the kind of freshness and protection on intimate care I needed everyday.  All these years, I’m free from odor, rashes and infection. Indeed, the freshness and comfort it offers is definitely remarkable making me more confident as a woman.

lactacydLactacyd variants: (from left to right) Protecting, Revitalize, All-Day Care, White intimate and Cool & Fresh

With 25 years of experience,  Lactacyd understands that no two women are alike. Each has her own needs distinct from the others. In line with this, Lactacyd came up  with its latest feminine care range in the Philippines. The unveiling of the new variants happened at the press launch held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel attended by the Sanofi officials, VIPs, select media and of course by the celebrity ambassadress of Lactacyd, no other than TV and movie actress, sought-after endorser and model, Ms. Anne Curtis.

Anne Curtis for LactacydMs. Anne Curtis, brand ambassador of Lactacyd since 2012

With the brands promise to provide safe and natural care , the latest range of Lactacyd now offers more choices and benefits that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care of today’s modern women. Lactacyd is made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients, lactoserum and lactic-acid. Its unique formulation complements a woman’s pH and at the same time doing a wondrous job in preventing irritation and problems caused by bacteria.

Travel Around The World With Lactacyd

We were welcomed in an airport check-in counter setting where we were given our very own pink passport.

Lactacyd event

Lactacyd event

First-stop: London

London is a classic city known for its royalty. With its majestic sights and sceneries, you’ll surely love this enchanting city most especially when you are in vacation with your lovely friends. Cheers to that!

Lactacyd Event
Lactacyd Protecting is perfect for women who may experience irritation as a result of daily activities and humidity. This classic Lactacyd keeps itching, irritation and odor away through its delicate caring properties.


Second-stop:  New York

Marvel at the city that never sleeps with all day protection. Enjoy the hustle and bustle and take unlimited selfies while exploring this beautiful city. Don’t forget to snap a photo with Liberty and enjoy the US breeze!

Lactacyd Event

Lactacyd All-Day Care (formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance) safely cleanses your intimate area for all day freshness. For care-free travels, bring along a pack of All-Day Care Wipes for worry-free adventures.

Third-stop: Bali

Enjoy the the lush greenery and explore the beauty of nature in Bali. Experience this one-of-a-kind vacation, de-stress, regain your youthfulness and be completely revitalized. Pack along with your suitcase Lactacyd Revitalize.

Lactacyd Event

Lactacyd Revitalize is an innovative feminine wash that goes beyond cleansing. It has Vitamin E and Collagen that moisturizes and softens the skin which gives it a youthful glow. Be part of the 90%of women who got their youthfulness back in just 10 days.

Fourth-stop: Maldives

Show what you got in the beautiful and sunny island of Maldives. Wear your sexy bikini while basking under the heat of the sun. Lactacyd White Intimate is perfect for ladies who love to embark on daring adventures and flaunt their fabulous and sexy body.

Lactacyd Event
Lactacyd White Intimate provides hypoallergenic and dermatologically-safe lightening. It has natural whitening ingredients: plant-based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite to gently lighten the skin around the intimate area in just four weeks.

Last-stop: Tokyo

This is my dream destination. In as much as I love Japanese dishes and cosmetics, it’s also part of my bucket-list to see the majestic peak of Mt. Fuji and enjoy the cool breeze on top, the same way I feel each time I use the Cool & Fresh variant of Lactacyd.

Lactacyd Event

Lactacyd Cool and Fresh variant promises a refreshing day all through out. Made with a special combination of milk extracts and menthol essences, this mildly soothing variant not only provides best cleansing and protection, but also natural cooling essences to give longer freshness against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area. Among all the variants, this is the one that I like best.

With the  five variants of Lactacyd, you can choose your everyday companion to achieve the level of freshness and confidence you need on your intimate area suited for your lifestyle.

Win An Asian Cruise Trip For Two

Here’s an easy peasy way to win an Asian Cruise for two…. Post your selfie photos on Instagram in any journey or travel you had. Use the hashtag #Woman Talks and don’t forget to tag @womantalks.

Lactacyd Event
Thank you Lactacyd for a memorable evening and for letting me have a glimpse of the places I want to explore!

Tell me what’s your intimate care choice on the comment section below…

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