Merz Aesthetics: Defy Aging With Radiesse

How to defy aging? This is one question that most of us are eager to know how and will make effort to achieve. Who would not want to have that youthful glow and look younger than your real age, right?  While it is a fact that aging is inevitable, this doesn’t mean that we just have to accept life’s reality that we’ll all look old in time with wrinkled face, sagged skin and all. We can prolong aging with proper knowledge on skincare and in the hands of experts.

I must admit, appearance of fine lines and frown lines on my forehead, laugh lines and crow’s feet on my eye area bothers me a lot. While there are skincare products available in the market that can actually help reduce appearance of unwanted lines, these products don’t actually give an overnight improvement on your look as these take time for you to visibly see the effect. To those who prefer to instantly look ageless which most of us like by the way, there are several invasive procedures that you may consider and here is one that I recently discovered.

radiesse the lifting fillerI was fortunate to be invited to the launch of Radiesse where the benefits of this amazing filler was extensively discussed.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse The Lifting Filler stimulates the skin’s production of collagen to restore volume in the skin and smooth away wrinkles and lines. The gel-like component in Radiesse blends with the natural collagen of the face and adds volume, triggering an instant natural effect. Doctors recommend Radiesse since it gives natural results and youthful look that lasts a year or more in many patients.

Radiesse immediate and long-lasting results:

  • Immediate correction of moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Immediate lifting and contouring effects
  • Long-term improvement of skin quality

Radiesse is clinically proven effective by clinical studies and according to many scientific studies and publications all over the world, this is confirmed safe. This is brought to us by Merz Aesthetics, a branch of Merz, the innovative leader in aesthetics and consumer health.

Before deciding to undergo invasive procedures, it is important to carefully choose your doctor. Take note that, only board certified doctors know the proper way of making aging manageable. Engage with the doctor, tell them what you need/want alongside with your budget, expect that it is expensive. Be not afraid to ask and convey your thoughts, it is your body you have the right to seek all the information you need to know. And, above all, always have a realistic expectation. They are doctors, not magicians.

Live better… Look better… Feel better with Radiesse…

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