Give your Child a #LakingAmazing Childhood with NIDO 5+ and Get a FREE Sofia The First Backpack

Keisha as Sofia The FirstMy daughter dreams of becoming a princess wearing beautifully embellished gowns, a sparkling tiara and glass slippers complete with her very own fairytale adventures. So I’m not surprised each time I find her prancing in the garden as she imagines it to be an enchanted forest filled with talking plants and insects. To search for magical items to add in her castle I let her raid the storage room. I try my best to let her be as imaginative and creative as possible and work her mind by using the resources available.

More importantly, I give her the protection she needs to do all these and have a #LakingAmazing childhood with NIDO 5+, which now comes with a FREE backpack featuring Princess Sofia from Disney Junior’s Sofia the First! Oh Sofia the First, you just don’t know how much Keisha adores you.

NIDO 5+ offers the best of Nestlé Research™: It is the only milk brand with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, millions of live good bacteria that helps build your child’s bodily defenses. This unique probiotic can only be found in every glass of NIDO 5+ along with these other essential nutrients:

CALCI-N® – This helps in building healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption.
DHA plus ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine – These play an important role in your child’s brain structure development.

The free Sofia the First backpack comes in two designs that are as colorful as they are handy, making them the perfect accessory for every young royalty. There are also Jake and the Never Land Pirates backpacks up for grabs for fans of the daring, pirate bunch. Collect all 4 now!

Sofia The first backpack

We hope this simple gift brings your little one more fun-filled hours spent making #LakingAmazing memories. We also hope you can share this with your fellow moms and avid readers so they, too, can make #LakingAmazing fairytale adventures happen for their little princesses.

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