Kids for a Greener World Program at KidZania Manila

With the current state of our Mother Earth, teaching our kids to go green early is totally essential. Teaching them the right values and the importance of nature in order to avoid the same mistakes of the past generations.

Kidzania Kids for a Greener WorldAs a mom, the best way of teaching them is by being a good role model. Remember that, we are the reflection of our kids. If they see us as a person who loves and respects the environment, they will adapt and imitate our practices. Kids learn from what they see. It’s their nature.

This summer, Kidzania Manila is giving the kids a glimpse on how the real world works by allowing them to explore, discover things through fun filled activities and learn how to become good stewards of Mother Earth.

Kidzania Kids for a Greener WorldWith Mommy Levy and her son, Ren

A couple of weeks ago, My daughter and I visited Kidzania for the second time to try their newest craze this summer “Kids for a Greener World” program that will run from April 8 to June 15. The program will introduce new activities to enable misters and misses, aged four to 14 years, to learn different ways to care for the environment and how their actions affect their natural surroundings.

Kidzania Manila in partnership with Century Tuna, Shell Philippines, and H&M Conscious, the “Kids for a Greener World” program will feature temporary activity areas called “green spots” that will highlight current water, air, and land environment issues such as garbage, overfishing, and car emissions.

Century Tuna Fish Market (Green Spot #1)

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World

At this booth, kids will be taught how to support sustainable seafood. Keisha really enjoyed this activity. She learned how to identify which ones are sustainable and grouped them according to their kinds. After that, Keisha and Noa delivered the fish orders to the Cooking School, the RightZKeepers’ House and the Research and Development Center.

Kidzania Kids for a Greener WorldKeisha together with Mommy Glaiza’s cute little girl, Noa, were tasked to deliver fishes to one of the establishments in KidZania.

Shell Transportation Efficiency Centre (Green Spot #2)

Kidzania Kids for a Greener WorldIn this area, My daughter learned how to effectively plan routes, to efficiently use fuel and reduce air pollution through clear car emissions. It’s great that these details were explained clearly to her before doing the challenge.

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World 2The challenge was extremely fun and the best thing about this was that we were able to navigate the routes together. Our mother-daughter tandem was a success since we finished it way before the time limit.

H&M Conscious Upcycling Workshop (Green Spot #3)

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World 2

Here, kids will learn how ordinary objects can be recycled to make something new.  For the activity, kids will need to bring an old shirt which they will put in a recycling box to simulate that the garment has been cut into strips. Since we were not able to bring a shirt, we paid Kidzos to take part in this activity.

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World 2

The Activity was not hard for Keisha since she already knows how to braid. She made her own bracelet using the recycled garments and personalized it using the fabric pens and ornaments.

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World 2

Vertical Garden (Green Spot #4)

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World 2In this area, Keisha learned the way of arranging plants and hanging it in a vertical garden creatively.

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World 2Here are the plants that the kids arranged and hanged on the wall.

As the RightZeeper entrusted with the Right to Care, Vita also encourages the kids to take on different challenges that would show how much they care for the environment.

One of the challenges is “Fish to Fork!” where the budding advocates must take a picture of themselves eating sustainable seafood.

To further create awareness on air and environment issues, the kids can also take on the “Good Car-ma” challenge where they must take a picture of themselves carpooling, and the “Upcycle-Rama” task where misters and misses must have their parents and guardians take photos of them “upcycling” fabrics at home.  Kids who complete Vita’s challenge can get exciting KidZania Manila premium items.

So if you’re looking for a cool summer activity for your kids, make sure to visit Kidzania Manila and let your kids spend the best summer ever by discovering how they can take care of environment towards helping build a better world.  The play city is open every day: Mondays to Thursdays (9AM-4PM); and Friday to Sundays (9AM-2PM and 3-8PM).

Kidzania Kids for a Greener World 5

Thank you Kidzania Manila for having us! We had so much fun! We’ll definitely be back!

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