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Watsons Switch Test Event 1

To say that I love to shop is definitely an understatement. Shopping is one of the things that I’m very enticed to do. Aside from buying the things that I need, I shop to unwind most especially on days that I feel too stressed. I believe in the concept of retail therapy and truly, it somehow helps to uplift my mood and makes me happy.

When it comes to shopping, I used to have this notion that the product with a lucrative price tag has a better quality than the cheaper one. And the known brand will always outperform the generic one. Not until, I took the Watsons Switch Test Challenge.

Watsons has been running its Switch & Save campaign for several years now with the aim to show its customers that if they switch from leading brands to Watsons brand they can get excellent quality personal care products at up to 80% less. I have shared the Switch and Save campaign of Watsons in this POST featuring their endorsers Iya Villania, Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto Valdez and Patty Laurel.

With the success of the campaign, there were still some who remained unconvinced that Watsons products are as good as the leading brand. Hence, the Watsons team decided to come up with The Switch Test event where their brand will be put to the test vs the leading brand.

Watsons Switch Test

In the recent event that I attended at Makati Shangri-la, Watsons put its product up against a good quality brand. Selected media attendees were asked to go up on stage to examine, compare and test the two products. Later on, they were asked to choose which product stood out and which one they will purchase. Lotion, toothbrush and the likes were tested.

Before this event was held, they also set up unbranded booths in major cities around the country, where Watsons products were put to the test as well against leading brands.

Host Ines Bernardo and Blogger Enzo LunaHost Ines Bernardo and Blogger Enzo Luna

Valerie Tan test Watsons product with Host Ines BernardoValerie Tan tested Watsons product with Host Ines Bernardo

Unknowing the brand, most of them chose Watsons label products¬† over the leading brand. Quality-wise, Watsons products did great and delivered its claims. What’s great about Watsons products is its price point. It’s definitely affordable, way cheaper than other brands. Plus you can even score some items at a huge discount when they have buy 1 take 1 promos.

To sum up you can actually save up to 80 percent on body lotion and 60 percent on body scrub. So why choose a more expensive product when you can save with Watsons? Right?

Watsons Switch Test Eventleft to right:   Jared De Guzman, Ines Bernardo, Karen Fabres, Tessa Valdez, Krisel Macatangay, Christian Bautista, Janelle De Leon and Helen Capunong

Watsons Switch Test Event 3With the Kumare Bloggers, Peachy, Badet and Levy

As they say, to see is to believe. Now, I am more convinced to switch and use other Watsons products aside from their hand wash which I always hoard. To those who are still apprehensive to switch, take the challenge and be amazed with the results.

Watsons Switch Test Event 2With Watsons Ambassadors, Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Christian Bautista

Why choose between quality and savings when you can have both with Watsons? Be smart, switch to Watsons and save a lot!

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