101 Ways to Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

When we talk about Petroleum Jelly, the first brand that usually comes to our mind is Vaseline. Well, it’s no surprise because it has earned itself a reputation as a dependable healing product that offers moisturizing, soothing, and protective benefits. There is no doubt that this is one of the most versatile products in the market today.

vaselineVaseline Jelly is made of 100% pure petroleum jelly which is a blend of mineral oils and waxes. I have been using this product to remove my make-up and as a skin moisturizer but I’m quite surprised that apart from these, there are still hundred ways you use this award-winning Vaseline Petroleum Jelly:


101 Ways to Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

  1. This is a handy trick for those with “crow’s feet”. Just put some around your eyes before you go to sleep.
  2. Makes your hands soft.
  3. Apply on perfume to prolong scent.
  4. Helps alleviate skin asthma.
  5. Helps heal and protect new tattoos.
  6. Remove scratches from a CD/DVD.
  7. Helps soothe sunburns.
  8. It can be used as lip gloss.
  9. Use when scuba-diving to stop the mask sticking to your face.
  10. You can put it on your elbows to stop them looking scaly.
  11. Dab on your knees to keep from drying.
  12. Put it on wasps stings to help them stop being itchy.
  13. Use it to keep warm when swimming.
  14. Use to help soothe mosquito bites.
  15. To stop you from drying your skin when you are dying your hair.
  16. Protect Stored Chrome: Before storing your bike away for the winter, or any other chrome item or machinery you’re not planning on using for a while, rub it with petroleum jelly to keep it from rusting over.
  17. To sooth areas where your clothes have rubbed.
  18. To stop you painting your fingers when painting your nails.
  19. Moisturize skin.
  20. Put some on a shoe horn to make your foot slide in more easily.
  21. Can be used to soothe irritation of sensitive skin.
  22. Stop shampoo getting into eyes.
  23. Stops wind chapping.
  24. Helps prevent scars from forming .
  25. Use to help prevent germs from entering a cut.
  26. Use as mustache wax.
  27. Use to make your beard easier to style.
  28. Use to make transparent bra straps more comfy.
  29. Blend with sea salts to make a scrub! It truly feels great and is an excellent addition to a steamy shower.
  30. Applying Vaseline on your teeth keeps lips from sticking to teeth.
  31. Conditions scalp pre-shampooing. Rub a dime-sized drop of Vaseline through your roots before shampooing for glossier hair.
  32. Helps with recuperating after cosmetic surgery.
  33. Helps soothe lesions caused by poison ivy.
  34. Soothes your skin after you have had a wax.
  35. Utilize a small touch to put a quick shine on your shoes.
  36. Dab on leather bags to remove dirt.
  37. Get rid of makeup stains from clothing. If you cannot blanch it and you cannot wash it out, rub some on your clothing and flush.
  38. You can rub Vaseline on the neck of your nail polish bottles, and they will not get stuck to the caps.
  39. Utilize a touch of Vaseline blended with powder eye-shadow pigment to create new colors, or a more solid eye-shadow to create richer texture and color.
  40. Get rid of false eyelash glue from your lash line.
  41. You can apply Vaseline all over before taking flights in order to combat associated dryness.
  42. While coloring your hair, just apply some Vaseline to the hairline so that the color doesn’t seep into your forehead and stain your skin.
  43. Add shine to your accessories with a little dab of Vaseline. It will make them look as good as new.
  44. Lips have sensitive and gentle skin, to exfoliate the same, mix Vaseline with some sugar and simple rub over your lips with your fingers.
  45. Soothe chapped lips.
  46. Mix Vaseline with drinking chocolate or melted chocolate and create your own chocolate flavored lip balm.
  47. Clean Watermarks From Wood.
  48. Prevent Self-Tanning Mishaps: Use Vaseline on trouble spots such as ankles, elbows, knees, and wrists before self-tanner application. The ointment will act as a barrier cream on these drier areas and prevent uneven absorption for a more natural-looking glow.
  49. Bring The Old Leather Jacket Back To Life: Apply, rub it in, wipe off the excess, and you’re ready to go.
  50. Keep Ants Away From Pet Bowls: Ring the base of the bowl with petroleum jelly and the ants won’t be able to reach the kibble.
  51. Mask Doorknobs While Painting: Rub petroleum jelly over any metal surface you don’t want to get painted. It will prevent the paint from sticking, so once you are done you’ll only have to wipe the paint off.
  52. As a make-up remover.
  53. Lubricate Cabinets and Windows: Apply petroleum jelly to the window sash channel and cabinet door runners with a small paintbrush and you wont hear them creak ever again.
  54. Keep An Outdoor Lightbulb From Sticking: Next time you change your outdoor lightbulb apply petroleum jelly to the base of the bulb and you’ll won’t have any trouble unscrewing it when the time comes.
  55. Clear Wax From Candlesticks: Removing a used up candle from the candlestick can get messy, but if you apply some Vaseline inside the candle holder before you put the candle, the melted wax afterward will pop right out for easy cleaning.
  56. Remove Chewing Gum From Wood.
  57. Protect Sore Nose: A runny nose often gets red and chapped. Dab a bit of Vaseline around your nostrils to add moisture back and prevent sores from spreading.
  58. Make Shower Curtains Slide More Easily: Get that shower curtain into place quickly by lubricating the curtain rod with petroleum jelly.
  59. Grease A Baseball Mitt.
  60. Stop Battery Terminal Erosion: To prevent your car battery dying out on the coldest winter day, before winter starts, disconnect the terminals and clean them with a wire brush. Reconnect, then smear with petroleum jelly. The jelly will prevent corrosion and help keep the battery cranking all winter long.
  61. No More Shampoo Tears: Simply rub a fair amount of Vaseline into your baby’s eyebrows. It acts as a protective shield against shampoo running down into his eyes.
  62. Make emergency makeup: Add a bit of food coloring to petroleum jelly and apply as usual. This is a quick way to make stopgap blush, lipstick, or eye shadow.
  63. Soothes minor burns (do not use on fresh ones though as it will trap the heat inside).
  64. Wood finishing: Vaseline is best used to give a finish to close-grained timbers like teak and rosewood. It fills the grain more than oil and builds up a surface resistant to marking.
  65. Get zippers unstuck.
  66. Burn more fat during a workout: Apply a thin layer to desired areas especially around your abs. Vaseline acts as a heat trap by holding heat created during your workout. As a result, you sweat more from the extra heat trapped within your body. The whole process increases your metabolic rate which in turn helps burn off fat. It’s an old trick that boxers use to drop weight fast to make their fight weight.
  67. Helps get rid of cracked heels.
  68. Use for strobing to achieve a dewy look.
  69. Fight stuck locks.
  70. Use as under eyeshadow base.
  71. Make fading manicure shinier.
  72. Mix with lipstick to create a lasting blush.
  73. Helps alleviate itching that comes with dandruff.
  74. Use as a hair mask after salon treatments.
  75. Use it for massages.
  76. Apply for hard-to-fit jewelry.
  77. Helps soften calluses.
  78. Prevent shoe blisters: Rub Vaseline on the inside heel of the shoe or wherever your feet is rubbing against and you are guaranteed no blisters.
  79. Can be used to coat the inner walls of terrariums to prevent animals crawling out and escaping.
  80. Used to moisturize the paws of dogs, and to inhibit fungal growth on aquatic turtles’ shells. It is a common ingredient in “hairball” remedies for domestic cats.
  81. To grease the metal leashes of pets.
  82. To moisturize old blisters so they go away.
  83. Use to revive leather bags.
  84. Use to keep your face warm in cold weather.
  85. Use it as an eyebrow gel substitute or to slick back your eyebrows.
  86. Use to help clean your mirror.
  87. Use to open jars with caps that get stuck.
  88. Use to keep ants from entering your water glass: Dap jelly around the base of your glass.
  89. Helps soothe shallow abrasions.
  90. Helps restore patent leather heels.
  91. Helps restore leather car seats.
  92. Helps remove stamp marks from skin.
  93. To get polished hair (ideal for ponytails).
  94. Helps  clean belt buckles.
  95. Helps clean sunglasses.
  96. Helps reduce the appearance of split ends.
  97. Helps relive the stinging feeling from ant bites.
  98. Helps soothe irritation caused by allergies.
  99. Helps relieve irritation of earring piercings.
  100. To help reduce dry skin in between your toes.
  101. Helps protect your baby’s skin.

vaseline-1Truly, a single tub of the Original Wonder Jelly with 101 uses is a gem anybody can benefit from. There’s no wonder why this product has become quite legendary. Aside from having many uses it is also affordable which is why many people patronize it. I hope that this post helps you!

How do you use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly? Share your experience in the comments below. I’ll be happy to know.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is available nationwide.

Stay fab lovelies!



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