Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful with DOVE

I received a package from Dove weeks ago with my name printed on the box. Personalized gifts from brands give me a different level of excitement knowing that they make an extra effort to make me feel special. Aside from my name, the message – “Be your own kind of beautiful” was printed on it as well.

Dove is encouraging Filipinas to embrace their own beauty together with their flaws thru its “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” campaign.

We are all blessed with our own unique beauty. However, there’s this parameter set by the society or perhaps, by our own selves that beautiful women are those with beauty queen-like and celebrity-like facial features and body structure. But, reality-wise, we’re not blessed with those. Hence, somehow, we feel insecure and we feel less of ourselves.

I can still remember one of my gradeschool classmates who frequently teased me because I don’t have pointed nose like hers. I wasn’t really that bothered with my nose then, but, I was affected each time she bullied and laughed at me. Yes, I felt unpretty sometimes, but thank God I have a mom who always reassure me that I’m beautiful in her eyes.

Dove’s empowering campaign focuses on disseminating this message to all Filipinas – Real beauty is not only one type. It is universal. To further understand this, watch this inspiring video:

Going back to the package I received, let’s take a peek on what’s inside:

* Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash
* Dove Hair Therapy Shampoo
* Dove Hair Therapy Conditioner
* Dove Whitening Deo (Body Spray)
* Dove Whitening Roll On
* Dove Beauty Bar

Personalized items:

* Tumbler
* Notepad
* Necklace

I hope with Dove’s campaign more women will embrace their own kind of beauty. We may not be beautiful in other’s eyes, but what matter is our own perception of ourselves. Remember, we are beautiful and unique. And, we owe it to ourselves to discover our real beauty, embrace it and be happy with it.

Thank you Dove for empowering women to embrace their #RealBeauty and be confident with their uniqueness!

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