Beach Getaway Must-Haves for Kids

Summer is here. The radiating heat of the sun undeniably makes us feel uncomfortable to go out of the house and roam around. But, this summer heat should not hinder our kid’s chance to have a wonderful and enjoyable summer vacation. And, since it’s beach season, I’m sure most of your kids are begging for some time off the beach to swim, play on the sand and just relax. Hence, I’m listing below beach getaway must-haves for kids to serve as a guide for your next beach trip.

Beach Getaway Must-Haves for Kids:

Sunscreen Protection

A good sunscreen protection is a daily essential whether you’re just out to roam around the beach or to swim. You should choose a suncare product with an SPF that meets your needs. An SPF, or sun protection factor, indicates a sunscreen’s effectiveness at preventing sunburn. It should be labeled with Broad Spectrum or UVA/UVB which provide adequate protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Make sure to reapply every two hours or as directed on the package.

UV Swimwear

Covering our kids from the sun’s harmful rays is a must! Make sure to choose a sun protective swimwear with a fabric that is not only stylish but also highly functional.

Beach Hat

Just like swimwear, beach hat is a must not only for your kids but for everyone. Your hat should not only be used as an accessory to make you look good but it has to offer an adequate sun protection to filter the  harmful rays of the sun that will pass thru your face. It’s best if you can find something that can dry fast so you can use it all day long. For kids, the one with a chin tie works best. I highly suggest for you to choose bold color hats for your kids so you can easily spot them on crowded beaches and pools.


It’s essential for kids’ eyes to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun as well. Aside from the sunscreen for their skin, swimwear, and their beach hats, it’s a must for them to wear sunglasses that have CE Marked labels to guarantee UV protection.

Hooded Towel

Though, there are beach towels offered by resorts, I still bring a hooded towel for my daughter to keep her warm. This is my way of getting her attention on days she doesn’t want to come off the beach.

Beach Bag

Water-proof beach bag definitely fits the bill as your kids can strut it anywhere without worrying that it will be soaked by water. You know how careless most kids are. The see-through ones are also great so they can easily see their things inside.

Beach Slippers/Water Shoes

Comfortable beach slippers are needed to protect our children’s tiny toes from the heat of the sand. Water shoes are also a must on the beach to protect their feet from minor scratches that they may obtain from stones, shells and foreign objects.

Beach Toys and Floaters

To keep them entertained, don’t forget to bring beach toys to build sand castles and the likes.

Aside from all of these must-haves and protection, it’s relatively important for your kids to eat a well-balanced diet to keep them healthy and strong. Don’t forget to incorporate fruits and vegetables on all their meals so they’ll be packed with the right nutrients they need daily. Give them vitamins and minerals that will support their immune system. And, make sure they drink milk that contains DHA, PREBIO® 3, Iron, Zinc, and other essential vitamins and minerals that help support their immunity, growth, and development. Just like NIDO Protectus 3+ and NIDO Protectus 5+ with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, now with Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a different strain of probiotics that helps support digestive defenses.

With all of these, you can make sure that your kids will have a happy, healthy and fun summer vacation.

How about you mommies, what’s your kid’s summer essentials? Care to share your thoughts…

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