How To Shape Up For Summer

Sometimes breaking bad diet and fitness habits can feel downright impossible, especially if you’re a busy mom. We all want to get in shape, especially when summer is just around the corner. You don’t have to go on a strict starvation diet or workout for two hours a day to get the body you want. Instead, just try making these small changes that will help you to achieve big results over time.

Focus On Adding In Foods, Not Eliminating Foods

Most popular fad diet plans are based around the idea of eliminating certain food groups. While some people might have a bit of success for awhile on these programs, they usually start to feel deprived, get frustrated and end up falling off the wagon.

Instead of focusing on removing certain food groups, focus on adding good foods, namely fruit and vegetables. Produce is an ideal health food as it fills us up without adding a lot of numbers to our daily calorie counts. Ideally, all of your meals should be half carbohydrates and protein and half fruits or vegetables.

Find Small Ways To Get Active

If you want to look like Kristina Rihanoff, then you probably think that you need to do strict dance workouts for eight hours a day. The truth is that your fitness regimen doesn’t need to be so extreme. Try adding in small workouts throughout the day. For example, if you’re cooking, try doing a few leg lifts or barre exercises while standing at your stove. If your kids are down for a nap, do some basic sit-ups and pushups. Adding in these little mini workouts might not seem like a huge change, but over time, you’ll start to see a difference.

Pace Yourself

Too many people end up failing in their weight loss goals because they tried to do too much too quickly. Changing your body is about slowly introducing good habits and eliminating bad habits over time. It’s not about going from a couch potato to a marathon runner overnight.

Remember, it took you quite a bit of time – and possibly a few kids – to gain the weight that you’re currently carrying. It will take just as long if not longer to get rid of it. Pace yourself and understand that changing your body takes time. However, the longer it takes to make these changes, the more likely that the results will be permanent.

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