Decorating the Nursery for Your New Arrival

At one time, women did not know the sex of their baby until it was born. Before sonograms it was a little more difficult to decide on a theme for the nursery. Many people opted for neutral colors and added things that were specific to a boy or girl after the baby was born. Every once in awhile, couples still decide to wait until the baby arrives to find out the sex. Decorating the nursery, regardless of whether you know the sex or not, can be just as enjoyable.

Choosing Colors

There are several colors besides pink or blue that can be used for the nursery. White is one. A white bed offers a nice contrast for pastel walls. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for the bedding. Anything will go with white. There are numerous choices when it comes to the color for the walls. If you have a certain one in mind, there are stores that mix specialty colors.

One of the trends that is becoming popular today is decorating with the idea in mind that in a couple of years, your child will be a toddler rather than a baby. If you do not want to redecorate every couple of years, the room can be decorated for a child, and baby items can be moved out as they are no longer needed.

Some décor can continue to be used as your child grows. For example, bookcases, shelves, and table and chair sets can be used for several years. Personalized gifts are another choice for the new baby’s room. Name prints, toys, keepsakes, and more are a few of these items. An example of a company offering personalized baby room décor is Purple Pumpkin Gifts.


Another way of decorating the nursery, particularly if you would rather not paint, is to use wall decals. They come in a variety of themes and are easy to apply. Since they are removable, you do not have to worry about messing up the walls. This is a chance to get creative with the room. Parents can enjoy working on the room together while awaiting the arrival of their little one.

Put some thought into the decorating. Choose a theme, and pick the items that will be used to decorate so they will complement each other. If you choose to use pink or blue, remember there are a lot of variations of these colors as well. The colors do not have to be traditional.


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