Staying Fashionable While Being Mom

Most stay at home Moms know how hard it is to stay stylish. One doesn’t buy the latest styles to wear while cleaning the house, changing diapers, or cooking dinner. That’s okay. The problem arises when Mom is invited out to dinner or to an event of some kind. This is when panic sets in as she looks in her closet only to find tattered jeans, yoga pants, and faded tees. Don’t worry. You can easily dress up that wardrobe without destroying your bank account.


The first obstacle to tackle is the wardrobe. Look through your closet to see if there is anything you can work with. One often finds a tank top or tee that can become the base of a wonderful outfit. If you don’t already own a pair, find a nice pair of dress pants in a neutral color that is versatile enough to wear with any top you already have. Complete the look with a scarf, jacket, or both. Clothes can be found for next to nothing at consignment shops or off the clearance racks towards the end of each season. Don’t think that you need several different outfits. One good dress outfit can be completely transformed by switching out your accessories.


Accessories can dress up any wardrobe. Don’t think that because you have already worn an outfit in front of the people you are going out with that you can’t wear it again. A basic pair of black pants with a white tee can look completely different with bold colored, chunky jewelry than it does with a simple gold chain and hoop earrings. Wholesale gold jewelry findings from sites like Multi Creations NJ Inc. offer you a way to create custom pieces at an affordable price. Use shoes and a matching hand bag to finish your outfit. Sandals and a tote create a casual feel while a small glittery clutch and heels shout formal wear.

Now that you know how to go from a day at home to a night out on the town without fear, you can accept that invitation to dinner and completely enjoy yourself. Chances are, by the end of the evening the other moms will be wondering how you pulled it off.

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