Top 5 Signs You Have Termites

Termites are some of the most destructive pests you can get in a house. They chew through wood, and if they are allowed to expand for long enough, it can necessitate entire structures of a house to be replaced. Millions of dollars in damage every year occur from termites, so pursue termite treatment as soon as you suspect you have them in your house.

1. Wood Damage

Termites are best known for eating wood. They start eating it from the inside and work their way out. Ordinarily, when you knock on a piece of wood, it should sound full. If you knock and it sounds hollow, then you likely have termites. You should also be cognizant if you notice blistering on wood pieces.

2. Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites burrow through the ground to reach a food source. The colony may be located away from the actual building, but these tunnels allow them to access wood found inside your house. You will most often find these tubes near the foundation of your home.

3. Discarded Wings

Termites are generally more dormant during the winter. Once the temperature increases, many species of termites will shed their winds to look for new mates. As a result, their old wings will be scattered about the premises. Most homeowners will find these wings near doors and windowsills. You may also find the wings located in spider webs around the premises.

4. Droppings

Like all animals, termites leave behind droppings, known as frass. Termite droppings will be extremely small. Most of the time, they only measure about one millimeter in length. They will often be white and in the shape of an oval. The pellets will be near wherever the termites’ source of food is.

5. Bubbling and Uneven Paint

While termites can cause the paint on wood to look uneven or bubbling, this aesthetic condition can also be the result of excessive moisture buildup. Bubbling paint is also a sign that the structural integrity of the wooden item is not viable. You may need to replace it entirely once you have removed the pests from the premises.

These signs could also be an indication that something else is amiss in your home. However, you should still use your search engine to look for, “exterminator San Antonio,” so you can contact a professional and know one way or the other whether you have termites. Professionals from Terminix offer termite control services that begin with a free inspection to determine where the pests are entering your abode, so contact them right away.

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